Dean Barrow

The House meeting could not have concluded without the usual mudslinging. As we said earlier in the newscast, Barrow was kind to Fonseca but saved his trashing for Fort George Area Representative Said Musa and the unaffiliated Marcel Cardona. It was vintage Barrow as he pointed out that the three absent P.U.P. representatives did not support Musa as leader in the House for even a day.

Dean Barrow

“You know this man, this member for Fort George, no got no shame. You know this man mi di angle fi get appointed leader of the opposition. You know that the three opposition parliamentarians that are missing said to the Governor General; no, no and no. Imagine it’s only an interim appointment only for a week. What that say about you? Even for a week?”

Said Musa, Member for Fort George

Said Musa

“On a point of order Mr. Speaker, what the prime minister is saying. The point of order that wanted to make is to remind the Prime Minister that I have been Prime Minister of this country for two terms and he has something to catch up yet.”

Dean Barrow

That is the point of order? And it is precisely because you have been Prime Minister for two terms that three of your colleagues said never ever, ever again. The member for Freetown has been nominated and will be appointed, but in the meantime the honorable Mark Espat is still the leader of the People’s United Party and the party leader say, over his dead body the member for Fort George will become leader of the opposition for even a minute.”

So ninety days after the bill was first introduced, government passed the ninth with twenty-four votes, three against and one abstention.

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