The Ministry of Natural Resources and the environment has issued its report card, a publication on the ministry’s performance over the last three years. Beverly Castillo, CEO in the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment spoke more on the Ministry’s accomplishments covered in the report card from 2008 to 2011.

Beverly Castillo – CEO, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
“Just another creative way of producing the report by referring to it as a report card. If you look at the actual report what we did was to take those manifesto pledges and we aligned them with specific action we took in relation to those pledges that the manifesto described. One that comes directly to mind is the national protected areas policy and system plan, Government pledged to reactivate that plan, we have subsequently done that we have set up a secretariat and if you look at the front of the document it refers to $12 million grant that will help us to significantly advance the work for protected areas systems. It highlights key areas, solid waste management currently we have a US $15 million project that is ongoing and it is significantly advanced, we are now at the design, build and operate stage to get solid waste management up and running in Belize. Another area is that of the land registry where we have done some significant work in restructuring the registry to ensure it meets Belize’s economic goals in terms of how it provides for economic activity in the country of Belize. The registry and other areas within Lands we are focusing on the land management program, however each department, we have six departments in the Ministry and each of those functional areas are recognized for their achievement in this report. There is lots to be done, we will continue to forge the way forward. With the limited resources I think we have done a lot, the staff, the technical staff and the staff of the Ministry should be commended for the contribution they have made to this report card.”

Castillo says the report is available at the Ministry and will soon be available on line through the government press office’s web site.