Just a reminder to all Rocky Horror Fans!

This Saturday Oct. 29th - Midnight - Paradise Theater.


Make it a part of your Halloween evening on Saturday.

There are lots of parties going on this weekend, but the Rocky Horror Picture show is something you don't want to miss.

Here are six reasons not to miss Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight.

1. $4 Draft beer all night long. 2 for $7 local rum drinks,

2. You will already be dressed up for Halloween. There is a one year movie pass for 2 for the best costume that comes in Saturday Night.

3. If you are going to your favorite cantina bar/or house party come at midnight when most bars close.

4. If you are going to one of the big events, grab a group and slip out at midnight...(the film is only 100 minutes long).
re -live those college days...then go back to your party.

5. If the party you are at sucks, come out to Rocky Horror. It starts at Midnight. This will give you enough time to determine the amount of party suckage.

6 If you don't come, you will miss one hell of a time.

It's Halloween, It's Midnight, It's Rocky Horror, It's Traditional. Don't miss it!

Paradise Theater
Boca Del Rio Bridge
San Pedro
Full Bar- Air Conditioned- No squiders