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#420140 - 10/28/11 08:42 AM Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week  
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By now, most people are aware that the Government of Belize is being taken to court by the gay rights activist organization, UNIBAM. This is in an effort to change the sodomy laws of Belize, namely section 53 of the Belize Criminal Code, which criminalizes carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal. The move by UNIBAM has bristled the Belizean churches into action. One organization called Belize Action is a group of Churches and concerned citizens in Belize who advocate for God centered principles. Belize Action will be hosting a forum at the UB Auditorium next Tuesday night in responcse to the UNIBAM agenda. Scott Strim tells us more about the group and the purpose of the forum.

Pastor Scott Stirm
Belize Action is a network; an organization that we have formed out of a number of relationships between leaders, churches, ministries and concerned citizens across the nation of Belize. It is for raising awareness for event hosting to where people can realize what’s going on, particularly with this homosexual agenda. We have used it with the abortion agenda as well. So we are using that same network as a platform for spreading the Word and as well as collecting resources for this legal battle. It is opened for anyone, all concerned citizens, and those concerned about the future of our nation, particularly in relation to the homosexual agenda and this lawsuit. The lawsuit is scheduled for December 5th. So we are approaching the final month countdown and so we have to raise awareness and have people know what the bigger picture on this issue is. So that is what the Family Focus Forum is going to be about.

The discussion on the issue has been ongoing and the church and other concerned citizens have been vocal against the removal of sodomy from Belize’s law books. The forum is being held under the theme, “Family Focus”.
Pastor Scott Stirm
Family Focus Forum is going to be a forum with a panel of professional speakers on five different areas that are pertaining to this homosexual lawsuit that UNIBAM has brought against the Government and against the Attorney General. We will be addressing the social implications, the legal, the religious and the health implications, all these different dimensions and how this affects our nation. We are going to have a panel of professionals who are going to be speaking on those areas and then we will be doing some other presentations. The purpose of it is to bring people to a place of awareness to where they can understand what’s taking place and what the bigger picture is down the road that comes along with the homosexual agenda that they are pushing in our nation.

The Supreme Court case between UNIBAM and the government is scheduled for December 5th. Stirm spoke on some of the ramifications that may face the society if sodomy was to be decriminalized.

Pastor Scott Stirm
Concerning the homosexual agenda and what they are pushing in general, this is the tip off the iceberg and that’s what we want for people to see. So there is a full agenda that they are pushing and we are encouraging folks. This is the first domino and we are saying “No, no, no, let’s not touch that domino.” The main issue is do we want Section 53 to be change? The section with the law concerning unnatural act? What we are saying is “No, leave it the way that it is, do not move these boundary markers of society to where you can push your agenda.”

Again, the “Family Focus Forum” will be held at the UB Auditorium next week Tuesday November 1st at 7pm.


#422373 - 11/17/11 09:06 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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Church’s legal dream team prepare for unholy war

The case of UNIBAM for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Belize is catching fire on the international scene. It is seen as a first test case to essentially kick off a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in numerous countries around the world. The legal battle will start in the Supreme Court on December fifth by a cadre of high profile attorneys on either side of the much debated argument. The issue has seen many, including the Council of Churches as well as human rights activists, weighing their positions on the matter. On February fourth, a first of its kind lawsuit was brought against the Attorney General’s Office by Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) challenging section fifty-three of the Criminal Code. UNIBAM is seeking to have that section of the code which states that carnal intercourse against the order of nature be declared unconstitutional. The churches, on the other hand, argue that by repealing that portion of legislation it will pave the way for gay rights in Belize. According to the British Guardian Newspaper of today, Queen’s Counsel Lord Peter Goldsmith is leading a newly formed British legal rights group in launching a global campaign to legalize same sex relationships. The organization, known as the Human Dignity Trust (HDT), is involved in the UNIBAM case after which similar challenges against homophobic laws will be introduced in Northern Cyprus and Jamaica in the weeks to come. HDT intends to target a little over eighty predominantly Commonwealth countries where consensual sexual activity between same sex partners is prohibited. In court the Council of Churches will be represented by attorneys Rodwell Williams, Eamon Courtenay, Michel Chebat, Jackie Marshalleck and Chris Coye while UNIBAM is being defended by Lord Peter Goldsmith, Lisa Shoman and Godfrey Smith. As we said, that case begins in the Supreme Court in early December.

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#422483 - 11/18/11 08:12 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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Brutal editorial in the Amandala this morning....

The homosexuals are serious, very serious. We have to be just as serious, very serious, in fighting this scourge of wickedness.

Let’s be clear on one thing right from the beginning: this particular column is not for the faint-hearted. I am going to deal with homosexuals, and I’ll use strong language.

So. You have been warned. Continue at your own peril.

Let’s discuss briefly what a homosexual is, and does. He is a male who disgusts the female of his species. A curvy, sexy, pretty female doesn’t give him an erection. A male, preferably young, has him dribbling down his chin.

In the homosexual act, the homosexual pushes his penis into the anus of another male. He kisses him and fondles the male object of his desire as if he were a female.

I can think of no more obscene, disgusting, evil, wicked and perverted act that one man could do to another.

And you know what? According to news in the international media, Belize is the “test case” for homosexuals worldwide. There is a plan to attack all countries over the globe where homosexuality is taboo, frowned upon, not tolerated, and punishable under law.

And Belize is where the first battle is to be fought. The homosexuals have said that they will do whatever it takes to get a victory here. They will bring all the lawyers, and spend all the money needed to get “equality” for their kind.

They intend to fight to the end. The Belize case is only the first step in Belize – they intend to bring more cases in this country, asking for more serious changes to our laws until they get what they want, total acceptance of homosexual marriages and unions.

And when they achieve victory, they will advance to other countries, using Belize as a “precedence” in law.

There is nothing noble, holy, or admirable about homosexuals and their attempt to equate the homosexual act with the sexual act between a man and a woman.

Do you know why homosexuals prey on young children, and teenaged boys? It is because the repeated thrusting of a penis into an anus enlarges the anus. This is a medical fact, because the muscles of the anus are not the same as the muscles of the vagina.

The vagina was made for sex; the anus was not, and so, the walls weaken, and lose their tightness.

When a homosexual’s anus becomes merely a “hole,” the sexual gratification of his partner begins to wane. Ergo, he begins to eye young boys. Young and poor, I might add. The poor can far more easily be lured away by gifts of money, clothing and the “good things of life,” travel, beautiful cars, nice homes, etc.

Now you understand why, all over the world, homosexuals prey on young boys. They need a steady supply of young, tight anuses. Now if that is not evil in the face of God, then what is? Is this what Belize wants for our young boys?

I try not to write long articles, so I need to quickly point out two things.

It’s a bloody lie what the homosexuals of Belize are trying to contest in court. Listen, never in the history of this country has a homosexual been prosecuted by law, for simply being a homosexual. Never!

They are prosecuted for raping other males, mostly the young, or fondling them, and so on. What they do in the privacy of their homes, however, evil, however disgusting, is their own business, as long as it is consensual.

Even if the homosexual act is consensual, they will be prosecuted if they are caught doing it in public.

In this way, they have exactly the same rights as a heterosexual man, who can be charged for rape or unwanted fondling, etc., or performing the sexual act in public. I repeat: never has a homosexual been prosecuted in the courts for simply being a homosexual.

So, what is there to change in our laws that is a danger to them? Nothing.

My own view is that this homosexual case should never have seen the light of day in our courts. It should have been thrown out in the first instance, when the judge was examining the case.

And you know why the homosexuals feel that victory is within their wicked grasp if they fight hard enough? It is because of powerful people like the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. That man is sick. He deserves to be flogged. He is actually using the power of his office, of his country, to force homosexuality on other countries, which are holding to the “straight and narrow” path, who know that homosexuality is an evil, an abhorrence in the face of God.

What right has Cameron to do that? Do you notice what he is using as a whip? Money. The same thing that homosexuals use to lure young boys to their evil, perverted way of life.

The way this world goes, I would not be surprised to find out later, much later, that Cameron is more than just a “friend” to homosexuals. Serious.

Good Belizeans, don’t just sit there and do nothing. Get up and help fight this evil in our midst. The homosexuals are serious, very serious. We have to be just as serious, very serious, in fighting this scourge of wickedness.

Remember, Belize is the first battleground. If we fall, the world falls next. That thought is not mine. That is the stated thought of the homosexuals of the world. Check the web: “Global campaign to decriminalise homosexuality to kick off in Belize court.”

#423057 - 11/23/11 10:49 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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VIDEO: Understanding the UNIBAM challenge

#423090 - 11/23/11 02:32 PM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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This video is not only very informative - it's quite funny too. Kudos to whoever made it. Great stuff as there are so many weird rumours floating around about this very important issue.
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#423290 - 11/26/11 08:25 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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The constitutional challenge to section fifty three of the Belize Constitution continues to inch closer to a hearing in the Supreme Court. Today an adjournment was granted based on an application by the Churches who are interested parties in the case of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) versus the Attorney General. Love News understands that the Churches failed to attend today’s court session where they were asking the court to strike out some of the witnesses for UNIBAM because they were not considered experts to give valid testimony in the hearing. Despite the fact that only a junior substitute was present as none of the high-powered attorneys showed up, the court upheld the application. This has now led to a counter application by attorneys for UNIBAM, seeking to strike out witnesses for the churches. With today’s adjournment to December ninth, it means that the hearing of the substantive matter will not now take place from December 5th to the 7th. When the case comes back up on December 9th what will happen is that a date for the hearing will be set by the judge. UNIBAM and Caleb Orosco are challenging section 53 of the Belize Constitution claiming that the part which reads that: "carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person" is a violation of their human rights. The change which the UNIBAM case is seeking is the decriminalization of sexual activity between consenting adults, homosexual and heterosexual. The churches which have banded together to lead the morality fight against the constitutional challenge are claiming that an amendment of section 53 of the Belize Constitution will lead to other changed which in their eyes is bad for Belize, including gar marriages. We note that nowhere in the constitutional challenge is there anything said about gay marriage. Prime Minister Dean Barrow is on record as saying that the government’s position is that it will only argue for the constitutionality of the legislation that is being challenged. The People’s United Party’s official position is that it has taken no position on the issue; but the party is on record as saying that it will respect the ruling of the Supreme Court whenever it is made.


#423808 - 12/01/11 08:36 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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COLA supports Council of Churches in fight against UNIBAM

Last week the first hearing in court for the highly anticipated case of Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) versus the Attorney General was adjourned to December ninth. The Council of Churches had filed an application seeking to strike off listed expert witnesses for the UNIBAM and its claimants on the grounds that they are not qualified to give expert testimony. UNIBAM in turn filed a counter-application seeking to do the same to the Churches. Last week the attorneys for the Council of Churches were out of the country and so the trial scheduled for the fifth to the ninth of December was moved to the ninth. As the case heads to the courts, COLA issued a press release today opposing the lawsuit, which seeks to decriminalize the sodomy laws in Belize. COLA says it supports the status quo, stating that our constitution was founded on the principles of the bible, a position which supports the Council of Churches’ stance. The release goes on to say “The act of homosexuality in our view is not only wrong or in other words sinful, but anti-life, that is because two persons of the same sex are unable to reproduce.” In conclusion, COLA calls on the government to clearly define in Belize’s constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman.

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#423890 - 12/01/11 05:57 PM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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The Mexican State Quintana Roo Legalizes Gay Marriage

Check out the website. Belize's neighbors to the north actively court gay tourism. BTW, gay and lesbian travelers spend quite a bit more than the average tourist(s) do.

#424633 - 12/08/11 08:21 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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UNIBAM gets boost from Obama

Turning to a story that has been persistently in the headlines; that’s the case of Caleb Orosco and UNIBAM versus the Attorney General. UNIBAM is challenging section fifty-three of the criminal code that states that sexual intercourse against the order of nature is punishable by up to ten years imprisonment. Two days before the start of the case an announcement by United States President, Barack Obama, could give UNIBAM a major boost. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the United States will begin using American foreign aid to fight discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender persons abroad. Obama issued a memorandum directing American agencies to look for ways to combat efforts by foreign governments to criminalize homosexuality. The presidential memorandum said that federal agencies engaged abroad had been directed to “combat the criminalization of L.G.B.T. status or conduct; protect vulnerable L.G.B.T. refugees and asylum seekers; leverage foreign assistance to protect human rights and advance nondiscrimination; ensure swift and meaningful U.S. response to human rights abuses of L.G.B.T. persons abroad; and engage international organizations in the fight against L.G.B.T. discrimination.” The presidential announcement was followed today by a live webinar hosted in Washington, with experts responding to questions from across the Caribbean region on issues relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. The event attracted supporters from both sides of the debate at the US Embassy where the webinar took place. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Interested parties from across the region converged on the internet this morning for live webchat on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in the Caribbean.

Paula Uribe

The discussion was hosted by the US State Department and featured three experts on human rights issues. Belizeans joined the conversation at the US Embassy in Belmopan and one concern raised was if Foreign Aid funds from the US would be withheld from countries that don’t support LGBT rights.

Paula Uribe, Senior Advisor, Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State

“No, the US is not going to withhold funds. We always take very carefully the allegations of human rights abuse and we study the situation, not just on LGBT grounds but in general in each country and then we decide what we do with our foreign aid. But no, it’s not going to happen and that has been actually a conversation that started yesterday after the secretary’s speech and the president’s memorandum.”

Other questions posed from Belize, included whether it is legal for US diplomats to support UNIBAM when it is entangled in a legal battle with government and people.

Paula Uribe

“We can support groups, civil society groups in the ground when they are fighting for their human rights but we are not going to get into domestic legal battles. That’s for civil society groups and lawyers in the country. We would just support them from the background.”

Victor Madrigal

Victor Madrigal, Head of Registry, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

“Even if one were to accept, for argument sake, that the majority of citizens of one country doesn’t want LGBTI persons not to be subject to violence or to be able to walk the streets and not be beaten, even if we were to accept that for the sake of argument that’s not a valid argument for actually having it be so because the rights of this person, historically subjected to discrimination, need to be protected also from the will of the majority if the will is that.”

Going a step further, it was also asked whether adapting the UN Human Rights in Belize would open the doors to same sex marriages.

Charles Radcliffe, Chief of Global Issues, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Charles Radcliffe

“Neither the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor the International Covenant on civil and political rights talks about gay marriage. What we’re talking about is making sure—we’re not talking about creating new rights or LGBT rights either—we’re just trying to ensure that everybody is able to enjoy the same rights and that the laws themselves are not discriminatory. But when it comes to the institution of marriage, there’s no obligation under international human rights law to open marriage to same sex couples.”

And with the churches’ involvement in the case, Charles Radcliffe of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that while the church is a moral authority, it has no say over basic human rights.

Charles Radcliffe

“The church, which we know in many societies including the Caribbean is playing a very constructive role and important role in terms of inclusion and teaching values, does not have a veto on universal human rights. And there is such a thing as freedom of belief and freedom of religion and people are completely entitled to do what they want. But they’re not entitled on the basis of those religious beliefs to insist that other people who don’t share them are stripped of their basic human rights and treated in some way as less human. So I think we have to resist the notion that nothing can change unless the church gives its agreement.”

Josh King, Senior Public Policy Advocate, Human Rights Campaign

Josh King

“I would caution that families come in very different strains and I think any time you kind of use that to justify offering rights to one group or another, I think you kind of miss the point that it’s not really about the family, it’s about the person.”

Paula Uribe

“There are many ideas that are wrong about the LGBT community; the perception that pedophiles are the same as gay people or that it’s contagious to be gay and that you know they are going to give it to their children. Those ideas need to be debunked I think.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Channel 5

#424635 - 12/08/11 08:25 AM Re: Forum addressing UNIBAM lawsuit next week [Re: Marty]  
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US Embassy holds meeting to advance LGBT Agenda in the Caribbean

The US Embassy in Belize is intent on forwarding the homosexual agenda in Belize even though sodomy is illegal in Belize. There was a webcast meeting today at the US Embassy where the LGBT agenda was discussed, specifically under the guise of Human Rights. The Webcast meeting was held via one way internet video, where those in Belize could see & hear the US representatives them the US representatives could not see and hear those at the Embassy. The panelists were Victor Madrigal-Borloz, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) , Charles Radcliffe, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and Mark Bromley, Chair of the Council for Global Equality. The caribbean nations present were Jamaica, Barbados, Suriname, Trinidad, and Belize. Representatives of the Caribbean nations were able to submit questions to the panel in writing. As you may be aware by now, huge nations are now targeting smaller nations such as Belize to promote the homosexuality agenda, even threatening withholding aid if some 140 nations don’t remove sodomy laws from their books. Human rights panelists basically told the Caribbean representatives that rights that married heterosexual couples enjoy should be afforded to gay couples as well and that it is all a matter of human rights. UN High Commision For human Rights also said that the definition of family has evolved over time. We understand that the question was asked if it is right or legal for the US to be getting involved in a situation of national interest and nation’s sovereign laws by pumping in finances to help promote an illegal activity. The answer given was that those are domestic issues of the countries that the US doesn’t get involved with, however they do support from the background.


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