Tomorrow morning, Francis Fonseca will be sworn in as the sixth leader of the PUP. It will happen at what is being called a special convention at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall set for ten am.

An advertisement bills the Freetown Representative as a PUP servant of the people, but, observers agree, the real test for Fonseca's leadership will be whether he can unite and fund the party - which is somewhat splintered and in a dire financial position. We have confirmed that immediate past leader John Briceno has committed to support him and will be present. A neat reversal because 42 months ago in March of 2008, Briceno is the one who had bested Fonseca in a hard fought leadership convention.

And while Briceno will be there, we can't say the same for interim leader Mark Espat who is out of the country. Espat - who recently declined the post of leader after gaining support form 30 of 31 constituencies told us one week ago of Fonseca, quote: "I wish him well and look forward to hearing his plan to free the party from the grip and presence of those responsible for its electoral woes."

That indicates there is a wide chasm separating those two, but with Briceno's support there will at least be a Leader Of The Opposition in the House of Representatives.

A week ago there was none - as senior parliamentarian Said Musa could not get a majority of support from the party's six elected representatives to be sworn in as leader. On Monday, we'll let you know how the Special Convention goes.

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