Traffic officers doing motor vehicle inspections in Belize City had to suspend their work again due to the rains. For the past 6 months since the unit has been evicted from the Magazine Road premises of the old bus terminal complex, they have been doing their work under an open tarp-covered tent, right beside the Constitution Park on Johnson Street.

When we queried why the officers had stopped, they said it is because the papers were getting wet and their work desk was wet with rain.

Our newspaper reported back in May about their plight, and got a commitment from the Belize City counselor in charge of traffic, Dean Samuels, that a new booth would be built for the officers.

That booth, about the size of a panades shop, is now under construction right next to the existing tent on Johnson Street.

What is evident to us is, though, that the booth would not include restroom facilities for the workers to use while on the job.

We understand that the services to the public also have to be suspended when the officers want to use the restroom, and they have to beg patrons in the neighborhood to use their bathrooms.

Members of the public who use the facilities see this is inhumane treatment not just for the officers, but also for those members of the public who also visit the facilities, rain or shine. One client complained today about the poor services to the public and lamented that when the sun is very hot, the facilities are still not accommodating to them.

The new booth will provide some ease for the traffic officers, but clients will still have to line up in the open air to get their vehicle inspections and will still be at the mercy of the elements when they do.