A project for the construction of a new school building at Buena Vista Government School was officially launched this morning in the Cayo District. The project will be implemented by the Social Investment Fund at an estimated cost of $512,776. The project will entail the construction of a four-classroom building which will replace a deteriorating two storey wooden building used for classrooms and a Principalís office. Buena Vista Primary School presently has a population of 168 students. The students are housed in two buildings. Recently, the Ministry of Education has been merging small multi-grade schools that are in close proximity as a means of promoting quality education through monograde teaching as it would allow teachers to focus on teaching one class rather than several classes. As a result of this plan, San Marcos R.C Primary School and the Selena Primary School have now been amalgamated to the Buena Vista Government School, placing greater pressure on the schoolís infrastructure.