Today was the first day of the annual energy awareness week - which is all about Belize's various energy sources and resources and how to manage them most efficiently.

Dr. Paul Flowers, whose put all his energy into planning the event spoke to us at this morning's launch where he explained why we need to be more aware of how we use and harness energy:..

Dr. Paul Flowers
"The CARICOM heads of government about a couple of months ago made two determinations; one, is that moving to renewable energy and a more sustainable form of energy and getting away from fossil fuel based energies and keeping our country's susceptible to all these energy shocks with oil prices and all these things is something that we need to really focus on and one of the ways that they wanted us to bring this focus to bear was to have a simultaneous energy awareness week throughout all of CARICOM and that week was air marked for this particular -6 - 11 November and so we are here today because throughout the Caribbean all 15 member countries are currently observing this entire week by making energy awareness a far more prominent and front-page topics for all their inhabitants."

Monica Bodden
"Tell us about the week's agenda?"

Dr. Paul Flowers
"Well the week's agenda starts with this launch. As you know we had a poster competition over the couple of weeks and it was won by a team from Our Lady of Guadalupe - they were awarded this morning and we are going to unveil that poster throughout the week. We have a special display over the next 2 days right here at the Biltmore from different major companies including BECOL, Price and Company, ECO Works and several other companies that are doing energy efficiency work through BELCOGEN. I remember also doing energy efficiency work throughout the country and there are going to help to build awareness and to show the kind of products that Belize has already at its disposal to get away from our reliance on fossil fuel."

"On Wednesday and Thursday both in the morning and afternoon, we have 4 sessions over the 2 day period. We are going to have experts from all over the region, some from SICA and I believe some from CARICOM that are going to come and discuss the energy situation in Belize across different topics, how we used energy? What's the energy situation in our building sector? What's the energy situation in our transportation sector? How are we going to address issues of energy security going forward? So these expert panel discussions we invite the general public to come out to the Biltmore. The discussions typical take place from 10-12am and from 2-4pm on Wednesday morning and afternoon. You can get a list of the topics and you can determine which one would be of interest to you."

There's an Energy Efficiency Exhibition which was opened at 1:00 today followed by an Expert Panel Discussion on Wednesday and Thursday and a field trip to BELCOGEN on Friday.

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