Belize's National Under 12 male basketball team returned from Merida this morning after participating in the FIBA Americas Mini Basketball Festival.

The pre-teens played 7 games and finished up with a respectable record of 4 wins and 3 losses. Now, we can't say how that compared to the other teams, because in Mini basket-ball, ther's no emphasis on winning, the key is participation. And because of that, all team members must play at least 1 quarter.

The 11 Players were accommodated by families of players from the Montejo team of Merida. Host families took the Bleizean players to the movies, the mall and restaurants, even hosting a birthday party for one of the players. The Belize delegation was headed by Coach Brads Neal and Asst Coach Harry Grant.

Participation in this tournament was made possible through sponsorship from the Ministry of Sport and Creative Graphic Impression.

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