Climate Change was the focus of discussions on Saturday in Punta Gorda town.

Paul Mahung reporting…
Climate Change was the focus of discussion on Saturday in Punta Gorda. Discussions were part of efforts to educate teachers and students about climate change which affects people and the environment. Coordinator of the event was TIDE’s Education and Outreach Manager Roberta Pennell.

Roberta Pennell – Coordinator
“This meeting aimed to inform and educate teachers of climate change so that they could in turn educate their students about this important issue, invite teachers and their class to participate in a climate change competition, encourage inter office learning through a climate change display, highlight the work of primary school children."

Pennell also highlighted information on the upcoming Climate Change display competition.

Roberta Pennell – Coordinator
“This display competition encourages students to develop a climate change display with support from their teachers and it should include the definition of climate change, how it affects the environment and its inhabitants, mitigation measures and adaptation measures. The deadline for this competition is December 12 whereby TIDE staff will visit all participating schools to judge the displays. The top three displays will be awarded school supplies as prizes.”

The event held at TIDE’s Conference room was sponsored by UNICEF and participants were Primary School teachers from Punta Gorda, Forest Home, Indian Creek and Bella Vista. In other environmental related information, Port Honduras Marine Reserve Manager Saleem Chan confirmed that a special meeting will be held 7pm this Tuesday November 8 at the Fr. Ring Parish Hall to share knowledge and promote the interest of fishers in the implementation of the new Management instrument known as Manage Access. Chan commented that Fishers who attend the meeting will get the opportunity to win a helpful large size ice box.”