In the awareness of recent concerns over the privacy and security of personal information in Belize, internationally experienced information security expert Niall Gillett, in partnership with the Belize Chamber of Commerce, will facilitate a one-day course on “Protecting Your Information – IT Integrity” at the BCCI Conference Room on November 16th, 2011.

The purpose of the course is to have a better understanding of organizational security risks and meeting confidentiality requirements. Participants will also be exposed to knowledge of prevailing security threats as well as associated countermeasures.

Upon completion of this class, participants would realize the fact that they themselves are the first link in the security threat chain. Having acknowledged this fact, they will be well placed to understand what can happen, what to look for and lastly how to utilize some basic and common sense tactics to keep their computer, client, and business information as safe as possible.

Niall Gillett is a recognized expert in the Information Security field. A former IBM Consultant with over 10 years of experience, he has provided successful professional services for a variety of organizations worldwide. He holds certifications which include the globally recognized and respected CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCSE, and PMG's Certified NetAnalyst.

Niall is also the author of many published articles on Information Security Policy, Privacy and Integration, and he has made numerous presentations on the subject to various institutions, including Texas A&M University, The University of the West Indies (Barbados), and the University of Belize, among others.


Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Niall Gillett, CISSP.