Francis Fonseca assumed the leadership of the People’s United Party two weeks ago and was sworn in as the leader of the opposition in the House last week. Since then, a series of moves have been taking place to consolidate his leadership now that he is safe at home. This Tuesday, Fonseca met at Independence Hall with all standard bearers and on Wednesday he met with the National Campaign Committee in light of the upcoming City Council elections. The major changes so far are in the national executive which previously had the imprint of the former leader, John Briceño. Eamon Courtenay, a Briceño loyalist, resigned last week as national campaign manager and Julius Espat, the Cayo South standard bearer, is now filling that post. Courtenay also resigned as Senator making way for Fonseca to name his replacement. Espat leaves the post of treasurer which we are told remains vacant. And Narda Garcia has been replaced by Liza Shoman as Director of Communications. Shoman retains the appointment as senator.

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