My name is Justin Reynolds, and I am the son of William & Madeline the owners of Lower Dover Field Station & Jungle Lodge in Unitedville at Mile 59 on the Western Highway. Our family has owned this property and been active in Belize since 1985, however it has only recently become a tourist location with their full time retirement from US living 3 years ago.

Though never intending to be hoteliers, Lower Dover has turned into an impressive place to visit for adventure travelers really seeking a true jungle experience on our 100 acres on the Belize River and in between Big&Little Barton Creeks, only 1/2 mile from the highway! Our location is extremely beneficial to travelers and anyone that wants to stop by the next time they are driving by. Don't worry about bringing a spare tire or getting car sick like traveling to some other "jungle" lodges. This is REAL BUSH!

In order to help better capture the experience here I created a blog that features some of the many birds seen here daily, the 100+ medicinal plants identified, jungle life, farm life, hotel life, and Belize culture. Amazingly we were featured on the "Freshly Pressed" homepage of Wordpress.com yesterday. Check it out.

Lower Dover Field Station Blog

And feel free to ask any me any questions anytime.

Lower Dover Field Station & Jungle Lodge
Real Belize...The Right Way


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