Playboy Playmates Lauren Anderson and Jaime Edmondson exploring Belize's natural wonders. Credit: Matt Wagemann and Rowan Metzner for Playboy

Playboy Playmates Lauren Anderson and Jaime Edmondson visit Belize

The number of celebrity and high-profile visitors to Belize has been increasing the past few months, and the latest in that list is a couple of well-known Playboy Playmates -- Lauren Anderson and Jaime Edmondson.

In a press release issued on November 10, Playboy itself shared the photos and details surrounding the Playmates relatively under-the-radar visit that was designed to help promote tourism to the country.

During their time in Belize, Anderson and Edmondson stayed at the luxury boutique Ka'ana Resort in the Cayo District. They climbed the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, explored the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave system, jumped off waterfalls, and got up close and personal with a jaguar at the renowned Belize Zoo.

It's no surprise that Edmondson found the adventure portion most exciting given her two season run on The Amazing Race.

“Now that I live in LA, it’s so rare to be in a place that isn’t crowded and overpopulated,” Edmondson told Playboy. “To fly over this beautiful land that hasn’t been touched was so refreshing to see.”

What was their number one moment of their visit to Belize? They both agree their "ultimate Belize moment" was visiting the Mayan caves.

“Visiting the Mayan caves was like nothing I’ve ever done or expected to do,” Jaime said. “First you have to hike through the rain forest and cross three rivers to get there, which is an adventure in itself.” Once they arrived at the caves, the girls swam through icy cold, pitch-black waters to reach the ruins. “We climbed up 50 feet of wet, jagged rocks to reach a huge room that looks like a cathedral,” Lauren said. “Mayan sacrifices took place there. We saw the skeleton of a girl who had been sacrificed that remained untouched. She was exactly where she had fallen hundreds of years ago.”

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