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Since October 15th, 2011, when it was first effected, members of the public may have noticed that the Belize Defense Force has once again changed their uniforms from the one that they’ve been accustomed to seeing.

This new uniform was somewhat introduced to the public when Albert Talbert was busted and charged for having it in his possession.

Members of the public have been asking why the BDF would change their uniform, and that question has since been redirected to BDF personnel.

According to Lieutenant Colonel James Requena, Acting Chief of Staff for the BDF, the reason that they have decided to change their uniform from the American camouflage to this new one is because of American camouflage’s wide accessibility.

Requena said that any American supplied bulk store operating in Belize has the ability to access the American camouflage and sell it to members of the public. This makes it difficult for the BDF to enforce the law that civilians cannot have the uniform.

According to Requena, this new “digital camouflage” battle dress uniform is used by regular elements of the BDF. It is a lot more difficult for civilians to get a hold of this uniform, and it can be tracked more accurately.

He said that it costs the same as manufacturing the old uniform, and that it was custom made for the BDF only.

BDF personnel are the sole proprietors of this battle dress uniform, and they can incur penalties for providing it to any member of the public, even close relatives.

PHOTO: L-R Old uniform, new uniform

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