An alleged case of kidnapping stretching from Cayo to Orange Walk has been reported. Citrus grower and Farm Manager for Citrus Products of Belize Limited Dwight Montero tells Love News that he was abducted in Santa Elena, Cayo on Sunday and spent a few terrifying hours in unlawful detention before being released in rural Orange Walk. Montero related what happened to him via telephone to Love FM’s Patrick Jones.

Dwight Montero – Claims he was kidnapped
“In a nutshell I was high jacked and tied up and my vehicle was stolen from me, this happened yesterday. It is a series of things that unfold from Cayo and it ended up in Orange Walk. I was kidnapped in Cayo and taken to Orange Walk and then further tied up and beaten up by the criminals and then they stole my vehicle. I stopped to buy something and they forced their way into the vehicle and tied me up inside. It is somewhere in Santa Elena, I don’t the direct address. There were people in Cayo and another two in Orange Walk; they did not wear mask so I am pretty sure I would be able to identify two of them.”

Montero says that once inside his vehicle, his kidnappers took away his money and cell phone, then drove the vehicle to Orange Walk. Still shaken, Montero told Love News that he believes that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dwight Montero – Claims he was kidnapped
“While up in Orange Walk they were making some calls, I assume the motive of the kidnapping was the vehicle because I am still alive. They did not make any reference who they were working with. They had a 45. They were Belizeans, a dark guy and a tall red skin guy with a shades and short pants. They released me in Trial Farm area and I went to the Police in Orange Walk and then I came down this morning from Orange Walk. I am trying to locate my vehicle. It is a green 2008 Toyota Hilux, it has a running board on it, a stripe on the side. I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time that is how I look at it.”

Montero says that he has called his stolen cell phone number and after a few answers, the phone is no longer active. Montero says he is working closely with the Orange Walk police to try and locate his vehicle, and apprehend the culprits in his kidnapping. And while that is what Montero told us via telephone this morning, today’s police report says that Montero was at a Hotel in Trial Farm Village on Sunday afternoon when he was attacked by two men. According to police reports, one of the attackers is of East Indian Descent and the other of Creole descent. Montero, according to police, says that the East Indian descent man forced him inside a room and hit him to the back of the head with a black pistol. Both men reportedly then pulled Montero’s shirt over his head blocking his vision and tied his hands and feet. Police say Montero was robbed of his personal belongings and drove off in his Toyota Hilux pickup truck.