For the first time ever, students of the University of Belize will take part in an engineering competition to test their level of skills and know-how. The event is set for Wednesday and Thursday in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Chairperson of UBs Engineering Department, Leonard Mortis, spoke with Love News about the prospects for the event.

Leonard Mortis Chairperson UBs Engineering Department
At this point I am making preparations with other members of the department to take these students out for two days. We have had some sort of relationship with Instituto Technologico de Chetumal, Quintana Roo and at present we are participating this year, last year we were just observers. As Chair of the Department I am responsible to get our students to participate in the competition. It is a part of the course, it is just an application, a more physical application because they will be building some model structures but they have the theory and the background in regards to what they are doing. It is just for them to get into the competition and basically use that theoretical learning that they are getting at the University. I guess they will be doing quite well, they have been doing quite well, they have their models, they have been practicing, I think they will do well.

The event takes place at the Instituto Technologico de Chetumal.