Doug Singh

During his speech at the graduation ceremony for Recruit Squad number eighty-seven, the Minister of Police indicated that itís time for the department to go back to basics and for some seasoned officers that may mean basic training. Doug Singh said that the failure of recent exams and a shortened training period shows that officers will have to shape up.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

ďAt the last passing out of squad number eighty-six just thirteen months ago and a mere five months after I began in this post, I was perhaps naive. I assure you that the last year has seasoned me and I hope to speak now more from experience and less from conjecture. As the members of squad eighty-seven, you are the second squad of recruits graduating after a rigorous four months of training. This is a reduction from the traditional six months of training. And while the training was made more intensive for the four months period, I am hopeful that all future recruits will return to the six months training period as was previously the standard. We just have to look at the last round of promotional exams and interviews to see that there is a tremendous lack of preparation throughout the department. The exams and interviews highlighted the need for more extensive training to our new recruits and continuing training for our current officers. For this reason, we have tasked the police training academy to put in place and ongoing training program which will see our officers return to the academy for short training programs on an annual basis. More is expected of a modern police department and its officers and especially from those recently promoted. For this reason, we are sure to commencing re-training exercises for those who were recently promoted and those senior officers that will be promoted shortly. I believe we just conducted those interviews last week and those promotions should be official sometime this week. As I have said before, we are not to fool ourselves. While an effort was made to fill all the vacant post in the department to address administrative deficiencies, many of those promoted are not quite up to scratch. So they must be advised accordingly and the training made available. I am sure you will agree that the principles learned over the last four months must now be employed in practice and foremost among them must be the principles of service to Belizean citizens.Ē

The new officers will be deployed throughout the country.

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