The Havana Bridge in Dangriga is one of the main cross ways into Dangriga town. Recently, the bridge has been the cause of much controversy in Dangriga town as residents have been asking the question: “ …will the Havana Bridge be finished in time for the November celebration; particularly the 19th of November parade.” The 50 year old original Havana Bridge was built just before hurricane Hatti in 1961. 81 year old Mr. Evangelisto Guzman was one of the persons who worked on the construction of the Havana bridge when he was 31 years old. He told PlusNews Dangriga Correspondent James Valerio that he cannot understand why the new bridge is not completed as yet! Guzman says the first Havana bridge only took one month to build. PlusNews Dangriga Correspondent James Valerio also spoke to Mr. Bill Cuevas who is in charge of the Ministry of Works, Stann creek District. Cuevas is overseeing the construction of the new bridge. He says that over the last two years the concrete material on the old bridge has been falling off, exposing the metal of the bridge to the salt water which eventually compromised the old structure. Cuevas says that the new bridge will be ready for the 19th November Parade. This is good news especially those who have complained that they have been directly affected for the past couple months during the reconstruction. Business has been slow in the vicinity of the bridge as traffic has been diverted to other areas. People are already walking on the new bridge and by Wednesday of this week small motor vehicles will be able to drive across the bridge. As for Evangelisto Guzman, he cannot move around as he used to, but he says he wants to see then new bridge.