As we reported last week, the Twin Town’s Horse Racing Club had been organizing a horse race for the past month but on Wednesday of last week President of the Peter August Horse Racing Club Mr. Alejandro Rodriguez Sr. received a letter from the desk of Cayo Central Area Representative Hon. Rene Montero informing them that there is a Jock Club Committee and that he is not authorized to use the Race Track for any sporting event. While we were not able to speak with Minister Montero last week; plus news caught up with him today.

Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
I was originally the Chairman of what was the Santa Elena, San Ignacio Jockey Club when we used to conduct races around the truck peach area and I was also the Chairman of the current Peter August racetrack when it was built. Now the present situation is that there can only be one official Jockey Club, there cannot be two and the one that the Government is sanctioning and the one that I am supporting is the Delmont Jockey Club. So what happened was that we wrote a letter to the other Jockey Club that was being formed without informing anyone; they went and they wanted to take over the Jockey Club and they went and tore down all our railings and all I told them is for us to come and dialogue so we can move the horse racing forward.

According to the Area Representative, it was never his intention to put off the horsing event. However, since we ran the story last week, Montero says that he met with the group two nights ago and they have come to an amicable solution.

Hon. Rene Montero
Initially they refused to do that but after that I sent information to them that I am willing to talk to them because it was never my intention to stop them from conducting their horserace that they are having this Sunday. So two nights ago, Mr. Alejandro Rodriquez and Ms. Susie came and we dialogued and we came to an agreement that we will join forces and join one Jockey Club and we are going to work together to promote the sport and improve the infrastructure that we have there. So the planned horse race will be carried out this Sunday under the Belmont Jockey Club working together with all fans of the horse race to improve the horse racing in Belize.

As Rodriquez had told us, while their event had been cancelled, the Belize Moto X Association was granted permission to host an event at the same location. Montero told us that the agreement reached is between both parties and they will be moving forward with the Racing committee and Belize Moto X Association.

Hon. Rene Montero

At no time was it our intention to stop them from using the racetrack. All we were asking of them was to come down and dialogue and discuss the issues so we can move forward and that was it. Never was it our intention to stop them from holding any event here. The Belmont Jockey Club will also be working together with the Motor X Association whereby they are promoting cycling and they will be conducting their event on the 27th of November; all of us will be joining together under one club and we will work together to improve this sport.

The Horse Race will be held this weekend on Sunday November 20th starting at 12pm in the afternoon.