It is called " Weh Kulcha Meets Kulcha" - a culture fusion of paranda, punta, reggae and dancehall music . It's all happening in Dangriga tomorrow night as a part of the 19th celebrations. Dancehall Queen Tanya Stephens was flown in this afternoon. It is something different for the 19th, and a diversion that may make purists wince, after all, what does reggae have to do with the 19th? But promoters say all they are trying to do is integrate Jamaican and Garifuna culture.

Tanya Stephens, Jamaican Artist
"Well it will be kind of a cultural melting pot, a few different cultures combine to make it one big explosion of enjoyment and fun, and not only am I going to be performing on it, but I am looking forward to watching the show and experience and I want to sample food, so i hope there is going to be a lot of food. That what it's going to be tomorrow night, we're going to enjoy ourselves together and we'll be having fun together. It's supposed to be a celebration of culture so I am looking forward to learning more about the culture because I mean Belizeans seems to be pretty much like Jamaicans, but I want to experience all of the things that are unique to Belize tomorrow, So I am looking forward to it and if I don't get food, Belizeans I don't want no rice and beans and jerk chicken because that's available like we can stone dog with it back in Jamaica. I want something that is unique."

Barbara Norales, Promoter
"The concert was the concept of two gentlemen who wanted to do something different for the 19th and they came and they asked me to do it as a producer and they wanted to integrate the Jamaican culture with the raw Garifuna culture and I said ok, but then we would have to pick the artist, because they have some younger artist that would dilute everything and they came up with bringing in Tanya Stephens, who is hardcore and then just bring in a younger artist, And we blend it with Tanya. It's like Tanya with Adrian "the doc" Martinez and the Wagiwaleri drummers and so one of the things that this concert will serve to do is to teach our artist how to upgrade and step up their act in their own back yard."

Tanya Stephens, Dancehall Queen
"Come out check it out, I mean everybody should who can make it should come out and check us out, it's pretty much as a cultural melting party, Black Chiney and the other new artist, who is introduce for the first time. It's the first time that I am meeting him too. I don't remember the name, I think his name is Kareem, he was on the radio with us today and he is really entertaining. I think there is something for everybody, so everybody should come out and just experience what the whole theme of the event is about, the cultural explosion the celebration of and we just do it together big."

The concert will take place tomorrow night the Zabaneh's estate in Dangriga.