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#422495 - 11/18/11 08:52 AM 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day  
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Children’s Rally for Garifuna Settlement Day

It’s one of the most anticipated holidays in the Belizean calendar; the nineteenth of November pays homage to the arrival of the Garinagu people in Belize. While the celebrations have kicked off in Garifuna communities in the south, the primary school students of the city on Wednesday showed off their cultural side with a number of presentations to foster deeper cultural appreciation. News Five’s Andrea Polanco caught in the Garifuna Settlement Day fever.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

With Garifuna Settlement Day a drumbeat away, today the House of Culture was the grounds to a cultural celebration. Over three hundred primary school students participated in the annual National Garifuna Children’s Rally. The NGC says that events like these helps to increase awareness which ensures cultural survival:

Marietta Enriquez, Secretary, National Garifuna Council

Marietta Enriquez

“Okay, this event is held yearly. This is the eleventh year. It’s a children’s school rally we are having here today to develop a sense of cultural awareness within the Belizean community and the school children. We have schools participating from the different schools within the Belize City area. We have thirteen schools participating today. One objective of this rally here today; we talk about nurturing of our culture. We talk about application of our culture. As I said today we are seeing a wide cross-section of different ethnic groups performing in our culture today. As I’ve said we’ve seen acceptance of this in the community.”

With drums beating and maracas shaking, dressed in Garifuna outfits, the participants displayed the Garifuna culture through drama, dance and singing. And while the presentations were fun and entertaining, Enriquez says they have strong traditional value:

Marietta Enriquez

“They took over the whole activity from the national item, the prayer, you saw dances, there were individual presentations; you had jankunu on stage and all those. The National Garifuna Council as you know people think that we are just here to just celebrate and just have dances and nothing else. But there is much more to culture. They get a sense of education; we educate them in other areas. So the culture has more than just dances. We have the spiritual aspect of it.”

And if today is anything like we’ll see over the weekend, then you need to get ready for this nineteenth of November because celebrations will start from Friday in the old capital:

Marietta Enriquez

“Oh yes and much more to this. We have the eighteenth night activity whereby we’ll have all night drumming at Memorial Park. We also have the reenactment on the nineteenth morning; that will take place at Belcan Bridge at seven a.m. in the morning. From there we go to St. Martin’s Church and from there we have the parade to the Memorial Park back again and we have all day drumming. We have acing contest for the kids, we have traditional Punta as well and we have a language contest also.”

Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Channel 5

#422496 - 11/18/11 08:53 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Caribbean artists concert on Settlement Day

Bobby Chin

Garifuna Settlement Day is fast approaching. The population of Dangriga, often referred to as culture capital, will be the center of attraction this weekend. Whether you are looking forward to eating traditional food or viewing the reenactment of the first boats to Belize, the constant sounds of drumming will be an accompaniment to the festivities. There will be at least two concerts that will draw large crowds, one, which will focus on local artists, and the other that is drawing controversy for featuring musicians from the Caribbean. Nonetheless, Tanya Stevens and Black Chiney stopped by our studios to promote their Culture Fusion Concert that will reign in Settlement Day at the Jay-Z Lawn in Dangriga.

Bobby Chin (Black Chiney), Artist

“This is Bobby Chin and this is…”

Shawn Dizzy, Dancehall Artist

“Shawn Dizzy.”

Bobby Chin

“And Black Chiney and you know this is the hottest dancehall artist in Jamaica right now.”

Shawn Dizzy

Shawn Dizzy

“Deh yah fi Bobby Chin Birthday bash.”

Bobby Chin

“Garifuna weekend.”

Shawn Dizzy

“Yeah, Garifuna weekend. We wah turn it up to man. Very first time in Belize and looking forward to performing for the fans and you know give it all the energy performance.”

Jose Sanchez

“Give the audience a preview of what they should hear from you.”

{Shawn Dizzy sings}

Jose Sanchez

“What shall we expect from you?”

Bobby Chin

“This is Black Chiney, the man weh own the sound that represent Belize around the world. I play tornado in Italy the other day and it turn over the place. We dah di only set weh play Punta ina Europe. Represent Belize bad.”

Tanya Stevens

Tanya Stevens, Musician

“I’m here for Garifuna, I think that’s on Settlement Day. The blending of the cultures this big celebration that’s going on and that’s what I am here for. And I rush to get here and I was sitting at window in the airplane, that’s why the breeze get in my hair. And I made it.”

Jose Sanchez

“I’m assuming there’s a show. Where will this show be taking place?”

Tanya Stevens

“Well previously I’ve only been to Belize City but this time I am headed to Dangriga. First time I am going to Dangriga.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what kind of performance, what should the people attending this show expect from you?”

Tanya Stevens

“The show is a melting pot of different cultures so it is going to be fun for everybody. Everybody can get what they want out of it. For me personally, I am going to enjoy myself too. I am going to be singing my songs too. But more than that; if you buy the CD and play the CD, but with me here you gonna get a live experience. So we going to be interacting with each other and having as much fun as we can squeeze out of any one day.”

Jose Sanchez

“Will you be doing any Garifuna duets?”

Tanya Stevens

“Well if somebody lets me hear something that is exciting of course. I am very adventurous.”

{Tanya Stevens sings}

Jose Sanchez

“It is Garifuna settlement day and you are bringing non-Garifuna artists from across the Caribbean, some artists may feel disrespected by that.”

Barbara Noralez

Barbara Noralez, Concert Promoter

“We understand and in fact we have been hearing that and I think all the artists in Dangriga know that I am Punta rock promoter. What we are doing here, we’re merging both cultures. In fact if you go to a Punta rock function or any Belizean function the majority of music you hear is music from Jamaica. So I would rather have live artist from Jamaica work along with live artist from Dangriga. From what I can see, our music and our entertainers need a lot of help and exposure and lot of thing. And I believe that what we are forming with cultural fusion, one day Jamaicans the Jamaicans might want to Belizean artists and Punta rock artists live in Jamaica and that is one of the ways how we can expose our culture too. All of us know by now in the country what Garifuna music is all about. We’ve had other foreigners come and experience it. Why don’t we have people of our color come and experience it with us and share with us too? Our headliner with Tanya will be Adrian the Doc Martinez and we’ll have live drumming. So we’re adding to it the Dangriga and Garifuna part of it. We’re putting the tenth scenario—the women singing and the drum beating. So that is going to be our part of it.”

Channel 5

#422587 - 11/19/11 07:56 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Garifuna Get Ready In City

Tomorrow is Garifuna Settlement Day - and all across Belize - drums will echo.

All roads lead to the Culture Capital, Dangriga and already today, busses to that southern town were overflowing.

But, while it is no culture capital, Belize City itself has a good-sized, proud and robust Garifuna community. Monica Bodden found some of them "doing a thing" at a city high school today:

Monica Bodden Reporting

Garifuna Settlement Day marks the arrival of the first Garinagu to Belize - Many Belizeans enjoy traveling to Garifuna communities in southern Belize - to part-take in the festive observance, a mixture of African music and religion with native Carib language and traditions. It is Belize's most richly celebrated cultural observance!

But for those who wish to stay in the City, the National Garifuna Council for Belize City has a list of activities planned for the 19th celebrations - starting off tonight.

Matthew Martinez - President, National Garifuna Council Belize City
"Tonight, we'll be having the all-night drumming and dancing at the Memorial Park. Tomorrow, we'll have the re-enactment at 7 a.m. at the foot of the Belcan Bridge. From there, we'll parade to the Saint Martin's Church for the official thanksgiving mass. That's at 8 a.m. After the mass, we will be parading from Saint Martin's Church to the Memorial Park for the official ceremonies which will start at around 11 a.m. After that, we have the coronation of Miss Garafuna Belize City 2011-2012, Ms. Shamira Magdaleno. From there we have all day "jamming" - all day dancing and singing - festivities at the Memorial Park. So we'd like to invite everybody to come out."

Each year on Garifuna Settlement Day, many reenact what they call the landing - ot the Yurumei - by paddling to shore, waving palm branches and banana leaves to symbolize the cassava that sustained their ancestors. This ritual is rich in music and dance.

Matthew Martinez
"The re-enactment is the arrival of our ancestors to the shores of Belize in 1802, and 1823. And what we usually do is that we have the boats going out into the sea, and paddling back in to shores asking for permission to actually stay in Belize. So we usually do that around 19th morning, very early, and this year, it will be taking place at the Belcan Bridge. It is highly important to keep the Garifuna traditions alive because it is a very rich and dynamic culture. We've been through so much strife and trials, and for us to actually maintain the traditions themselves, is something that is powerful not only for Belize, but powerful to the world itself because, our music, dances and language have travelled so far throughout the world. Most people in the world, now, are trying as much as a possible to study the dynamics of the Garifuna people."

Everyone is invited to celebrate in the centuries old tradition:

Matthew Martinez
"I wouild like to encourage every individual in Belize City to come out, enjoy with us. Feel free to come to the re-enactment, come and share with us at the mass, and the festivities at the Memorial Park. Our aspirations are expectations are many; let's keep moving forward as a people and a nation."

And even though it isn't the 19th just as yet, many schools take on the opportunity to learn more about the Garifuna culture. One such school is Sadie Vernon High School - which held a cultural day today on the school's compound.

The Ugudani Dance Group from Belize City performed a number of traditional Garifuna dances for the students that included the John Kunu, Punta, Paranda and the Chumba.

Laura Baptist - Principal, Sadie Vernon High School
Through Social Studies, students have learned about the different ethnic groups that make up Belize, and they would often hear that 'Belize is a melting-pot', and so, whenever we have an exhibition, we put out information and display food, language, attire, and artifacts from each ethnic group, they able to se why it is called a 'melting - pot'. We usually invite ethnic dance groups to be a part of our festive day. Just a while, you saw the Ugudani Dancers, and this morning, we had a group from Orange Walk, the Mestizo group, and we also had a presenter from the Creole culture this morning, who did a very good job in explaining the history and the Creole culture."

And while that is what's planned in the city, many will still be heading to Dangriga for the festivities and the Culture Fusion Concert.

The Department of Transport has issued an advisory warning for bus owners to have standby buses to accommodate the travelling public.

The advisory also cautions drivers not to drink and drive and to wear seatbelts.

Channel 7

#422594 - 11/19/11 08:13 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Garifuna Activities in the Old Capital

History says that escaped and shipwrecked slaves settled with the Caribs of St. Vincent and merged the culture of both people. The fiercely independent people, now known as Garifuna found opposition from the British, who expelled them to island of Roatán, off Honduras. Eventually the Garifuna people migrated and reached the southern coast of Belize in 1832. The settlement day was founded by Thomas Vincent Ramos in 1941 and it was established a Public and Bank Holiday in 1977. The main festivities will take place in Dangriga over the weekend, but for those who can’t make it to culture capital, there will be festivities in Belize City.

Sebastian Cayetano, Founder, Luba Garifuna Museum

Sebastian Cayetano

“When it comes to Belize City, Garifuna celebrations are beginning tonight there will be a lot of drumming festivities at the Memorial Park to bring in the nineteenth. Tomorrow morning there will be a reenactment that will take place at Belcan Bridge at around seven or seven thirty. Followed by a short parade from Belcan to St. Matin’s DePorres church where we will have a thanksgiving mass, after the mass parade again all the way to Memorial Park for the official ceremony and all day drumming and lots of Garifuna food, darasa, hudut, bundiga, Sahou, the full works. There will also be games there, jankunu competition, drumming competition and a partly fair organized by the Belize City National Inner city Branch. Here at Garifuna Luba museum, we’ll also have hudut sale here, darasa we’ll have cassava pudding, potato pound and the Luba Garifuna Museum will also be open for customer s to come in, buy their books look at their dashiki shirt or skirt and blouse whatever.”

So if you’re in the city there is plenty to do but the culture capital in the South is the place to be.

Channel 5

Belizeans prepare to celebrate the arrival of the Garinagu

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day

Belizeans from all walks of life will join the Garinagu people in celebrating an important milestone on Saturday. It is the one hundred and eighty eight anniversary of the arrival of the Garifuna people to the shores of Belize. The Garifuna culture has been a vital part of the rich cultural fabric that holds Belize together. Love TV’s Marion Ali reports.


#422753 - 11/21/11 07:48 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Cloudy skies filled with promises of rain, didn’t stop me from getting up early today. Dick, Gigi, Laurie, and I went downtown to see the reenactment of the Garifuna’s arrival to Belize. Declared “Garifuna Settlement Day”, local Rastafarians rowed ashore about 7AM, dressed in regalia, ready to celebrate and reenact when their ancestors first came to this island in 1832. There was a small parade that followed with drummers and dancers waving palm branches and banana bunches! I had no idea what that represented but I was curious. Quoting an article I later found, “Each year in Belize, when locals reenact the arrival in that land, they slip out to sea in boats, then ride the surf onto shore, waving palm fronds and banana leaves to symbolize the cassava that sustained their ancestors.” The drums reach out to you if you reeeeally listen and I for one, can’t help but move my feet to the rhythm.

The parade slowly made its way to the Catholic Church in the heart of San Pedro. I was pleasantly surprised when the Priest began to lead us in Holy Mass. I’m not Catholic but that didn’t matter. The spiritual refreshment was sweet. The service delivered a message of hope and unity. The singing was lovely. The last thing I expected to do was attend a church service this morning, but as my grandma used to say, “God works in mysterious ways”.

After Mass, the Garifuna left the church the same way they entered … in parade fashion; drums beating in celebration, dancing or walking to the rhythm, and waving their palm fronds and banana leaves. Everyone ended up in San Pedro’s Central Park, where crafts, food, and Garifuna music was abundant. Families were there for the day with their beach spot staked-out. Local Rastafarians were there to mingle, ready to share with anyone the traditions of their culture. Us gringos where there to take it all in!

Late morning we came back south and went our separate ways for a siesta … getting up at the crack of dawn will cause need for one! After resting up, we climbed in Gigi’s golf-cart to make our way back into town. We chose to sit in a nearby café for refreshment as we listend to the music. Afterwards, back in the park some folk obviously had not taken a siesta! They were there for the long-haul, as we say back in Alabama. We, on the other hand, were not. A long walk on the beach seemed like the perfect way to end the day, so we took off walking. Ironically, up the beach were a group of Rastas selling their wares. Gigi wanted photos of them and their things, so she snapped away.

After hearing a message of peace from each Garifuna/Rastafarian all day, it was shocking to hear one of the Rastas get irate! If I wasn’t smart, he’d have undone all I’d heard that day. There’s principals that cross all cultural boundaries; one bad apple can spoil the bunch is one of them. That is unless you find it early and toss it out. Which is just what I did. I tried to reason with him, but he was beyond that. So I tossed him a peace sign and went about my business. We all came to the conclusion he was just mad because none of us made a purchase!

All in all it was a fun day and well worth getting up early for. I’ll do it again next year. Maybe the weather will be kinder for 2012 Garifuna Settlement Day. This year, the sun peeping through the clouds made for some beautiful early morning photos. I tend to make the best of things so IT WAS ALL GOOD! Now for the next holiday … and the people of Belize have plenty of them. If there’s not a festival or holiday, that’s all good too. Being here is reason enough to celebrate every day the beauty of this island and all it gives us; gorgeous sunrises, crystal clear aqua water filled with nature’s artwork, tropical temps, cool breezes, and sunsets that make you say aaaahhhh. For those of you who have pondered moving to the tropics to escape the rat-race, I encourage you to do as I did. Take the plunge. Live the possible dream!

Paula Segrest for
Nov. 19, 2011
For photos and an addendum by Tacogirl CLICK HERE

#422862 - 11/22/11 08:06 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Gibe Memegili Wayumaha; Wabaronguon Meme Wama” – Our Aspirations Still Are Many: Let’s Keep Going Forward.

The Garifuna community in San Pedro held a variety of activities to celebrate their national holiday, Garifuna Settlement Day. Drum beats filled the air in the days leading to the November 19th date, and throughout town, various businesses had drummers of all ages entertaining the public. Special ceremonies, cultural displays, foods and more were enjoyed by spectators.

On the morning of November 19th, the special, annual re-enactment of the arrival of the Garifuna on the shores of Belize was held. Boats filled with revelers of all cultures brought to life the arrival of the Garifuna ancestors, after which, a special thanksgiving mass was held. After the cultural parade, music and revelry kicked in through the rest of the day at Central Park.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

#422881 - 11/22/11 08:39 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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Belize celebrates National Garifuna Settlement Day


#422910 - 11/22/11 10:38 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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[Linked Image]
Aalawi Productions from Orange Walk pays tribute to the Garifuna of Belize and Ambergris Today is proud to share talent from around the country. Photographer Michael Vasquez is inspired by the rich culture of the Garifuna and shares his vision though his photographs.

Click here for the rest of the story and more pictures in the Ambergris Today

#423001 - 11/23/11 08:01 AM Re: 2011 Garifuna Settlement Day [Re: Marty]  
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The “19th” in Dangriga – time to remember, and celebrate

Garifuna Settlement Day started out in 1941 among the people for whom it was eventually named, as their way of remembering the hardships forced on their forefathers, exiled from their homeland of Yurumein, now independent as St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to the nearby island of Balliceaux, and then to the small dependent island of Roatan, Honduras, from which some made their way to the northeastern Honduran coastline and eventually Belize.

The first migration, led by Alejo Beni and his family, was in 1802, but the observation of November 19 “memorializes” a later, larger migration that took place on that date in 1823.

Led by Thomas Vincent Ramos and his cohorts, the Garinagu fought for that date to be recognized, and it was made a public and bank holiday in Stann Creek in 1943. A National holiday was endorsed more than 30 years later, in 1977.

With the recent cultural explosion, both inside and outside of Belize, of knowledge and recognition of Garinagu culture and tradition, the 19th has become a centerpiece, and many other cultures take time out on this date to reflect on the common destiny of Belize, and of its people generally.

Among the Garinagu themselves, however, the battle continues to ward off the encroachments of excess and modernism that have begun to infect the younger generation, in particular, and that threaten to wipe out the very existence of this proud, self-reliant ethnic nation.

So it was that the people of Dangriga, and their brothers and sisters in Seine Bight, Hopkins, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Belize City and elsewhere today, including overseas in the USA, once more took up the charge to remember, and to project that struggle onto the common face of the Garifuna experience today.

Here, in Belize’s “Culture Capital,” where more than 50% of the population is Garifuna, celebrations began at the riverside around 7:00 a.m. with the annual reenactment of the first boats of Garinagu people arriving safely onto Belizean shores.

The group then proceeded to the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church along the seaside for the official Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Father Larry Nicasio, and then to the Alejo Beni Park, back on the south end of town, for the official ceremonies, which kicked off at around 11:00 a.m.

Representing the Government of Belize were Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca, who commended the Garinagu people on their continued fight for cultural preservation, and UDP Dangriga area representative Arthur Roches.

Mayor of Dangriga, Aaron “Jake” Gongora, in welcoming the gathering, reiterated, among the aspirations spoken of in this year’s theme—Gibememegili wayumahan; wabaronguoun meme wama – “Our aspirations are still many; let’s keep going forward”—the need to “make Dangriga and other Garifuna communities safe and economically viable.”

Be that as it may, culture was on the minds of the main speakers, National Garifuna Council (NGC) Dangriga president Phyllis Cayetano and guest speaker Dr. Peitra Arana, M.D., a scholar with 10 years of experience researching Garinagu history and a graduate of the Harriet Tubman Institute at York University, Toronto.

Cayetano warned the gathering that if the Garinagu are not careful, in as little as 20 years, her people could lose the spirit and designation of the day, leaving it only as a “cultural day.”

She reminded of the history of the forced exile of the Garifuna nation and the slaughter of their chief and leader, Joseph Chatoyer, on St. Vincent. She urged that more should be done to encourage remembrance.

By means of a story about two rats who find stored cheese and react differently to its use and their plans for when it runs out, Dr. Arana pointedly illustrated some of the prevailing attitudes among Garinagu to change. She maintained that change does come, often gradually rather than all at once, but when it does, one must be ready for it and prepared to make adjustments, rather than curse and complain.

The term “Culture Capital,” she noted, was not bestowed on Dangriga for a limited time; cultural practices must be nurtured by all, and one cannot stand on the sidelines and watch as the older generations die out and their knowledge is lost. The Garinagu have the choice to preserve the culture—or watch it die, helpless to stop it, she said.

Representative of the Garinagu of St. Vincent, Nelcia Robinson, was a special guest at the gathering. She brought greetings from the Garifuna remnant on the island. The Belizean population, and those in neighboring Central American countries, as well as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, she said, form “another St. Vincent”—a tangible link to the history of the formerly named Black Caribs and their descendants.

She registered her “excitement” at both the extent and tenacity of the wider Garifuna nation, and particularly in Belize, where the Gulisi Community Primary School in Dangriga has served, she said, as a “training ground” for both local and international students of the culture.

Robinson reported on continued efforts at exchange between Belize and St. Vincent, including a pen-pal program between Gulisi and the Garifuna schools in the Eastern Caribbean, and promised assistance to local efforts by the Garifuna people in the areas of education and women’s issues, among others.

The ceremony closed with the crowning of Nickey Casimiro as Ms. Garifuna Dangriga 2011-12, succeeding Wahrisie Elijio, who was also last year’s Ms. Garifuna National.

The official Settlement Day parade kicked off from St. Vincent Street, at the Havana Bridge, passing through the center of downtown Dangriga, before swinging back to finish where it had started.


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