Arthur Usher

The first annual DANN festival is scheduled to take place in Dangriga on Saturday. The fest is really to promote healthy lifestyles of the male population around the country. The activity is organized primarily by the Belize Family Life Association with participation from the local entertainment community. Over the last few months BFLA has been engaged in a series of meetings with disc jockeys, musicians and media personalities in an effort to create sexual awareness among the male population. Saturdayís festival coincides with Garifuna Settlement Day activities and, according to youth officer, Arthur Usher. It is also commemorated as International Menís Day.

Arthur Usher, Youth Officer, BFLA

ďItís basically to deal with the issues men are dealing with in general, itís men health from a psychological, mental and physical perspective. It also ties into gender based violence; we are trying to deal with that issue itís a reoccurring in Belize also in terms of our initiative it deal with the men on a whole and how they interact with their partners so thatís the main push at this point. Well we felt like music on a whole sends a message and it depends on what that message is. And a lot of the young people and a lot of the older people as well listen to these type of music and try to imitate the artist on what they are saying, so targeting the deejays and how they influence the music and the culture was almost a no brainer for us because we saw the influence they had and their energy alone and not only deejays but the artists and the media personalities and their energy alone has given us energy because their into it and they believe in it and they are here to support. Well besides Belizeís nineteenth of November being Garifuna Settlement Day the nineteenth of November is also international menís day. In terms of us tying in our activities with that it is gonna beÖ.Itís called a DANN fest, its mainly a music festival that showcase artist and these top of the line deejays that we have and they are promoting the message of health is your greatest wealth and also fighting against gender based violence and the message they will be sending is positive music, local music as well, weíll have guys like Nello Player and Gafar Rodriguez and Woody and other entertainers doing positive messages on these topics.Ē

Activities commemorating International Menís day commence at two oíclock in Dangriga and is free of cost to the general public.

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