For weeks, we've been hearing about the new user rates NICH wants to apply at its sites for visitors.

It roughly a one hundred percent increase announced as much as a year ago. Well now it's time for implementation but local and international tour operators have been balking.

They've applied pressure at all levels and Dianne Haylock Today told us that NICH caved:

Diane Haylock, President NICH
"A year ago we announced that there would be this fee increase and for various reasons we have decided that we would defer the implementation of those fees for another until November 2012. Some of the concerns were raised that we were dealing with some very challenging economic times and people need a little more time to get ready. That's hard for us at NICH because we do need additional resources to continue to maintain these parks and improve them and continue to be able to be competitive in the industry, but the decision was made for us to defer for another year so at least coming November 2012 nobody should have any excuse or reason not to be ready."

Channel 7