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There are those stories that were so outrageous in their scope that they cause intense discomfort to every Belizean, but for which the entire stories have never been told.

Who Dunnit? (Belize)

1. The Kidnapping of former politician, Derek Aikman

2. The GREAT Hummingbird Highway Robbery, May 2, 1998
A few politicians and elite businessmen got caught up in this one.

3. The shooting of the current PM's law partner, Rodwell Williams
It first started with a rock to a window of the PM's law firm, and ended up with an almost fatal shooting of the current PM's law partner. On the news, the PM claimed that an unnamed "businessman" had threatened them for losing a case. We know who they arrested, but who actually ordered it?

4. The case of the 10 late-model vehicles confiscated at Mayan King Farms

Which ended in one of the vehicles being confiscated in Guatemala when it was driven over there by Belize police for a conference