Last night, you heard the Prime Minister vent his executive exasperation on CEO for the Ministry of Agriculture Gabino Canto. Well, at that same business forum, he expressed similar impatience and contempt for the World Bank. As has been announced many times, that institution is funding a Infrastructure Project that was to start this month. But November's almost done, and nothing….

Latest word is that the much delayed project, has been delayed yet again, this time until April of next year. In addressing the business community yesterday, the Prime Minister called it "nickel and diming" by the World Bank - and he sounded like he was ready to call someone in Washington and give them a piece of his mind! Here's what he had to say:..

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
"I have to tell you that I for one am getting absolutely fed-up, and Mrs. Hyde will tell you I spoke with her with delays, the way these people nickel and dime you to death. We agreed a municipal infrastructure project with the World Bank, within months after taking office. The last government, as you heard the bank had cut off the last government, we re-engaged with them and we were able to convinced them that we would be prudent , that we would be good stewards and so we were engaged."

"The first project was this municipal infrastructure project. It's now been three years and we can't see any real progress, we were told at the last meeting of bank officials in this country with our mayors and with the Social Investment Fund and the Ministry of Economic Development that now there will not be any shovel in the grounds until April. This is really unacceptable, I was going to call the World Bank officer in charge of our country and let her know exactly how I feel. Mrs. Hyde persuaded me that there is process in other fronts, particularly in climate change funding for the Ministry of Natural Resources, so I've held my fire. But this is absolutely and completely acceptable we are a sovereign country, these are not grants, these are loans, these are monies that we repay and to treat us in a fashion that sees them as I say a moving the goal post, as soon as you get to a point where works ought to start is intolerant."

And while that project has been delayed, the Southside project is set to start imminently.

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