Las Brisas: The Department of Forests has apparently issued a permit to cut down ALL the mangrove in the Las Brisas area in the Lagoon, in direct contravention of Section 3.01.01 of the Las Brisas Environmental Compliance Plan . . . please call the Department of Forests at 802-1524 to let them know that they can't do this!

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Mr. Wilbur Sabido
Department of Forests
Government of Belize
Belmopan, Belize

Re: John Stothart, Las Brisas, Permit to Cut Mangroves Issued in Contravention of ECP

Dear Mr. Sabido:

Yesterday, 24 November 2011, Mr. John Stothart, developer of Las Brisas in the Placencia Lagoon, came to our office with a permit allowing him to cut down ALL of the mangroves in the underwater property he has been allowed to develop in the Placencia Lagoon.

This permit is in direct contravention of Section 3.01.1 of the Environmental Compliance Plan between the Department of the Environment and Mr. Stothart dated 1 April 2011.

Section 3.01.1 of the Las Brisas ECP states:

Considering that there is only a few mangrove strands on the property, the Developer will not cut or alter these mangroves strands except for the creation of two small boating canals along the north-east side of the property. These strands will be left intact to act as a soil retention measure. The Developer will plant mangroves or other vegetation in areas devoided of trees.

The ECP is supposed to be the governing document for an approved development. How then, can the Department of Forests ignore the ECP? Does this action by the Department of Forests mean that ECPs are meaningless documents?

We urgently await your response.


Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development, Ltd.

By: Mary V. Toy, Co-Chair

cc: Department of the Environment
Placencia Village Council
Placencia Chapter, Belize Tourism Industry Association