Officials of the senior police command for the Belize district were guests today on the Love FM Morning Show. During the course of the discussion, several topics came up, including the issue of what the media refers to as home invasions. The latest incident over the weekend resulted in an elderly woman sustaining stab wounds. Officer commanding Eastern Division Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon Junior says there is no reference to home invasion in the laws of Belize; but his department is working to combat the recent upsurge.

ACP Elodio Aragon
“Aggravated burglary, yes there is an increase I think in Belize City alone we have had an increase. I think last year if I am not mistaken it was around 13 aggravated burglaries we had. I think right now we are seeing in the vicinity of 24 to 28 for this year so there is an increase in aggravated burglary. Definitely it is a concern for the Police Department because I think that is one of the most criminal acts that goes close to home, that’s your cattle and you should be safe in your home so it is a major concern for the Police Department. We have had several discussions in relations to what we need to do as a Police Department to try to address these aggravated burglaries. What we are looking strategically to put something in place I think when you look at Belize City alone you have to do something about it. I can say we are trying to reorganize our patrols; there is a lot of things happening in Belize City. Right now we have seen the reduction in the gun related crimes, the last two months since September it has been down so we need to focus on the neighbourhoods that are being affected by these aggravated burglaries, it’s a very difficult and challenging thing, most of the aggravated burglaries that occur the Police get involved after the fact when it comes to the investigation, for Belize City primarily it is a challenge for us because one these things occur in the wee hours of the morning. We do our best to put out our mobile patrols but we can’t be everywhere and these people see our vehicle coming so it is a very difficult thing for us just to be able to catch these people in the act because most of these burglaries occur when people are sleep or people come upon these burglaries in their homes and this is where the incidents occur, most of these aggravated burglaries have to do where we find people within the homes of people.”

Another issue which the police has noted an increase in reported cases is the sexual abuse of children. According to police press officer Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, the latest incident was reported in the Cayo district where a fourteen year old girl says she was sexually molested by a grown man. Police have since arrested and charged twenty four year old Kareth Paulino for the crime of indecent assault.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood – Police Press Officer
“We have seen an increase in sexual related offences involving minors and this is something that not only the Police need to address but society on a whole has to come on board. We need parents to be more attentive of their children and supervise them closer.”