The Peopleís United Party, under the guidance of its recently appointed leader Francis Fonseca, has formally shared its views on a number of highly publicized national issues including the controversial transfer of public utilities to state ownership, the much debated case brought against the Attorney Generalís Office by UNIBAM President Caleb Orozco and offshore oil exploration. On the matter of forthcoming litigation to repeal Section fifty-three of the Criminal Code of Belize, the P.U.P. says it strongly objects the efforts of the Human Dignity Trust and UNIBAM to decriminalize homosexuality; however, it does recognize and appreciate the cultural, moral, spiritual and human dignity considerations that are part of the issue. The party appeals to all interested parties in the ongoing argument to be steered by respect and tolerance. And though the P.U.P. objects to the decriminalization and wants respect and tolerance, UNIBAMís lead attorney is P.U.P. senator Lisa Shoman.

The P.U.P.ís view on nationalization appears to be more clear-cut. The party recognizes and maintains the status of Telemedia, B.E.L. and B.W.S.L. as companies principally owned by government. Nonetheless, the opposition urges the Barrow Administration to promptly compensate the previous owners of both Telemedia and B.E.L. Finally, the Peopleís United Party is in favor of an agreed period of delay on offshore oil exploration. A moratorium, in its view, will ensure that a complete and beneficial regulatory framework is in place prior to any and all oil exploration being conducted in the country, seeing as though it is a non-renewable natural resource, which should be managed properly.

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