Residents of Hopeville; which is a neighboring village of Punta Gorda Town will be enjoying a new basketball court very soon. The project came about after Mayor Floyd Lino along with his counselors drafted and submitted a proposal to the Belize Natural Energy Trust. The proposal was approved and construction of the court started yesterday with the help of a few PG and Hopeville residents. Plusnews spoke with Mayor Floyd Lino.

Floyd Lino, Mayor, Punta Gorda
Today we are casting the basketball court for the community of Hopeville in Punta Gorda Town. This is a project that the Town Council and myself and the councilors wrote a proposal to BNE Trust for. So today we have community participation in getting this court to become a reality. Almost all of the men are from Punta Gorda; we also have a few BDFs and we thank Colonel Sutherland for sending his eight men for us.

According to Lino the Basketball court is only the first phase of the project.

Floyd Lino
This is only phase one of the project for this park in particular. This community has about six-hundred residents and so after the court is completed we will do a bleachers area and we will do some benches and we have already gotten approval from Rotary to get a play set donated. So we are moving along slowly.

While Hopeville will be getting a new sporting facility. Lino tells us that Punta Gorda Town will be received some much needed street and drainage maintenance.

Floyd Lino
Coming up we have the streets and drainage works. As you may realize, PG has been getting lot of rain as of recent and so some of the road are in terrible conditions, but we have already contracted the services of a Belizean to do some streets and drain works for us in the next couple of weeks. We are also hiring a hundred people from the community to basically do projects within the community that will enhance it and make it more beautiful.

Those maintenance are expected to start shortly.