Workshop delivers the essence of breastfeeding to mothers

Breast Feeding Counseling Services of the Collet Education and Resource Center in coordination with the Baby Friendly Initiative of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital recently held a workshop that reached out to expectant and nursing mothers. The goal of the seminar was to teach the women the value of breast-feeding and how to perform it effectively and pass the information on to others. The following clip was provided courtesy of AEAU.

Krishna Faber, Patron, Collet Education & Resource Center

“This service is timely—coming at a time when more emphasis is being placed on nutrition and healthy living and where many women are beign faced with economic hardships thus finding it difficult to purchase milk products. The Collet Education and Resource Center in coordination with the Baby Friendly Initiative Program of the KHMH has been fostering outreach work with pregnant and new mothers to breastfeed their babies. This effort started in June of last year and the counseling sessions are being provided by Misses Penelope Cassasola Card, certified adaptation counselor and Sister Yvette Mossiah. The main base for this work has been the Collet Education and Resource Center and the KHMH.

Krishna Faber

Initially this program started with only eighteen pregnant/nursing mothers receiving counseling on breastfeeding. Since the launching of the program, we are happy to boast that today over forty-five mothers have benefited from breastfeeding counseling at the center. As a mother who breastfed two sons and also a strong advocate for breastfeeding, I would encourage all mothers to breastfeed to enable their babies to have an excellent start in life. Studies have shown that human breast milk is considered the best nutrition and is linked to the reduction of many diseases. In addition, the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasize the value of breastfeeding for mothers as well as children.”

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