Belize celebrates Geographic Information System Day

The San Ignacio Santa Elena House of Culture is now one year old. In commemoration of the milestone, the House of culture has launched a new Display featuring various historical timelines of the Santa Elena San Ignacio communities in pictorial form. Shunan Quetzal, Assistant Coordinator for SiseHoc spoke to PlusNews about the display.

Shunan Quetzal, Assistant Coordinator, SiseHoc
Tonight we had the opening ceremony for El Cayo: A Historical Exhibition, It’s a part of the one year anniversary celebration of the House of Culture in San Ignacio. It focuses on the history of Cayo and the transformation to the Twin Towns - San Ignacio and Santa Elena. We also touched briefly on the riverboats era. Tonight we have a couple timelines from Pelo Indians, Pre-Classic and the Classic, then we have a Cayo specific timeline which is about all the major events that took place in Cayo from when steelers came and from the logwood and the checle.

Sisehoc provides an arena where the people of San. Ignacio and Santa Elena could express themselves culturally and promote an understanding and appreciation of various traditions in the municipalities.