Chopped down some of the bananas on my farm yesterday. These are small kind, get maybe 5". but man are they sweet. Much sweeter than what you'll ever get in a grocery store. Made for a nice breakfast. I dropped one carrying them to the house and Lido gobbled it right up. So now it's off to the market in Griga for some bartering.

Cucumbers flowering nicely. Peas and green peppers have germinated and broke ground with lil leaves and are growing. I test planted one onion and it's doing good so will do some more. Watermelons and Okra are done for the season. I'll rotate locations and do some more when the weather begins to warm up a bit. Potatoes didn't make it at all.

I'm sure you are all riveted with the tells from Mr. Green Jeans, but I'm suprised how many veggies will grow in the sand and sandy loom right on the beach.

Dr Walkabout Buzzard