There has been confirmation of several incidents of attacks and robberies against residents and visitors of San Pedro over the past week. Three of these incidents have been confirmed to be against Americans, one in which a pair of tourists where held-up at gun point and two cases involved the infliction of dangerous physical harm.

The San Pedro Sun followed this story and interviewed the two individuals who received bodily harm and suffered physical inflictions as a result of the attacks.

The first incident occurred on Monday morning, November 28th at around 5AM. Jack Burnette, 56 year old resident and American Ex-pat of Princess Drive in San Pedro Town, was laying on his couch when the rear door of his two story home was forced opened. "Monday morning at 5AM my back door just burst opened and three black men about 25 years old burst in the door and hit me over the head with a gun, forced me to the ground, tied me up and robbed my house." Stolen from his home were two computers, two iPhones and a cell phone, all to an approximate value of $9,000.

Burnette informed The Sun that throughout the horrific incident, which lasted about five minutes, he feared for his life and felt he could have been killed at any given moment. It was not until one of his guests screamed from her room that the robbers fled. Burnette visited the San Pedro Police Department (SPPD) and filed a report with the intent to press charges. He informed The Sun that he would be able to recognize one of the perpetrators if he were to come in contact with him again. He was informed by the SPPD that someone would visit his home to evaluate the scene, however as of interview time, he was still awaiting the Police who never showed up. Burnette's wounds were classified as Wounding by Dr. Nicholson of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez PolyClinic II.

The second incident occurred less than 24 hours later when just minutes to 1am on the morning of Tuesday the 28th of November, island resident and US Ex-pat was brutally attacked in his home by two unknown assailants. According to the victim, Emory Boone, who recently acquired and resides at The Boatyard located in the San Pedrito area west of the airstrip, he heard what he thought was his neighbors on his porch.

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