Description of a unique birding opportunity in Belize.

Fun Birding Tours is delighted to announce our tour dates and prices for February 2012.
Yellow-tailed Oriole

Tour Dates

The Belize Fun Birding Tour

We take a slightly different attitude to some birding tours. Our primary objective is to have a fantastic time!

It’s true, some tours may end up with a slightly longer bird list. However, we’ll see some amazing birds and we won’t be far behind on numbers. But we’ll do it all in a relaxed and fun way. What’s more, we’ll also visit five ancient Mayan cities, including Tikal in Guatemala, and enjoy activities such as boat trips, nighttime wildlife adventures, botanic gardens and a first class butterfly farm, as well as allowing time to kick back and relax or take in optional canoeing, swimming, inner-tubing, horse riding and more fun stuff . There’s even snorkeling and a boat trip to look for manatees on the 11 day tour, which adds a trip to the tiny tropical island of Caye Caulker.

This tour is perfect for couples where one partner is more interested in birding than the other. The focus is definitely on birds and wildlife, but we’ll all take part in some other activities and there are alternatives for the non-birder most days.

We’ve kept the prices lower than most Belize birding tours, but we’ve also kept the quality high.

It all makes for an exciting and memorable Belize tour of a lifetime!


The Cayo District of Belize is well known for its abundant bird life

There have been over 300 species recorded within a 5-miles radius of duPlooy's Jungle Lodge and Belize Botanic Gardens. And that, for the most part, is where our Fun Birding Tour in Belize is based. With easy access to river, field, pond, forest and mountain habitat, and excellent Belizean bird guides to help us, you’ll be sure to add to your life list. And with comfortable surroundings, great food and life birds right off your porch or the canopy bar, there’s no better way to do it - it’s forest birding at its civilized best!

Civilized birding from duPlooy’s canopy bar deck

Belize is a politically safe, English speaking destination in Central America, just south of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea. Rich in Mayan culture and with fabulous temple sites, it is popular with eco-tourists, particularly from the USA due to its easy access (just a two and a half hour direct flight from Houston or three hours from Dallas/Forth Worth). Importantly for us at Fun Birding Tours, not only is duPlooy’s a comfortable and fun place to stay, they have probably the best environmental standards of any lodge in the region (duPlooy’s environmental message). On this subject, please note that duPlooy’s does not have air conditioning.

Dining at duPlooy’s

Canopy birding in style!

Belize Botanic Garden

Relaxed birding from the duPlooy’s bar

Inside the Jungle Lodge rooms at duPlooy’s

The Jungle Lodge rooms at duPlooy’s

Relax at duPlooy’s!

The birding and wildlife watching on the duPlooy’s property itself and adjacent Belize Botanic Garden (founded and run by the duPlooy family) is truly outstanding. Finding 100 species in a day at duPlooy’s is perfectly possible.

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
duPlooy's from the fire tower in Belize Botanic Gardens
Masked Tityra
Violaceous Trogon
Violaceous Trogon
Olive-throated (Aztec) Parakeet
Olive-throated (Aztec) Parakeet


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