The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital came under the public spotlight for shady administrative dealings a little under two years ago, but it seems to be engaging in questionable procurement practices yet again.

Just 20 months ago there was a Commission of Inquiry into the procurement of pharmaceutical, medical and other supplies and equipment at the K.H.M.H.

Now investigations reveal that the procurement officers who are responsible for ordering supplies at the K.H.M.H. are constantly violating the rules and procedures established in the K.H.M.H. Act.

The disregard for the procurement rules has cost the hospital tens of thousands of dollars for supplies that could have been obtained in the country from Brodies, Medical Associates or Bradley's Imports.

Instead, the hospital administration chose to do business with Skilled Solution LLC, a Florida-based company that has billed the hospital more than once for undelivered purchase orders.

K.H.M.H. paid Bz$35,478.92 on a purchase order from Skilled Solution on June 9, 2011, but received only half the items on the purchase order.

In one instance, K.H.M.H. ordered 48 impact printer ribbons, received half the ordered amount, but still paid Skilled Solution the price for the full order: $1,949.76.

On the same order, K.H.M.H. ordered eight electrical contactors. The hospital received four, but was billed for eight: at a cost of $7,440.

The hospital ordered four solenoid valve steam jackets on the purchase order, received two and was billed for four at $368.10 each, a total cost of $1,472.40.

It would appear that Skilled Solutions, which operates out of a house in Pembroke, Florida, maintains a special relationship with the K.H.M.H.

The hospital ordered a freezer through the company at a cost of $100,000 without even trying to get a second or third quotation elsewhere.

This is a clear violation of the requirments, which stipulate that they should seek quotations from at least three suppliers.

Moreover, the hospital should not order any single item that costs more than $25,000 without notifying the Contractor General and providing the necessary documentation to that office.

Apart from its cozy relationship with Skilled Solutions LLC, there are other financial improprieties occurring at the K.H.M.H. that have come to resemble a grab tub for certain senior officers on the hospital administration staff.

It would appear that the Commission of Inquiry did not succeed in stopping the questionable practices at the public hospital,but merely sent them underground.

The Reporter