Because of One Holiday in Belize

Guest post by Kristin Pedemonti,

Better World Books is a fantastic resource for programs all over the world including my volunteer project, Literacy Outreach Belize.Once upon a time in 2005, after a holiday to Belize and learning about their need for assistance in positively impacting literacy rates I was inspired! This former Children’s Librarian and now Professional Storyteller left her full time job, sold her house to the first person who saw the For Sale Sign and embarked on a journey to bring her passion for reading and storytelling to Belize. Since 2006, I have donated programs for 33,000 students and teacher training for over 600 teachers throughout the country.

A HUGE part of this project is also bringing in needed materials. There is not a single dedicated Book Store featuring NEW books in Belize, they do have public libraries but most of the libraries have $0 budgets for buying books. So, every trip to Belize (this January will be Lucky #13) I bring books to distribute. Often these books are donated by friends, schools, libraries and churches who partner with Literacy Outreach Belize.

Better World Books has helped immeasurably with their FREE Shipping, Incredible Inventory and Low Prices! I developed a simple Training Manual with exercises for use with a selection of books including Diego Saves the Tree Frogs, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, Mixed-up Chameleon, and Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree.

Thank you Better World Books for helping Literacy Outreach Belize to supply more materials through your website. You are welcome to visit to learn more about Literacy Outreach Belize.

Better World