And while that women's advocate is taking wing, tomorrow women - and men - are invited to a free legal clinic to see if they can make their troubles fly away.

It is an event organized by the Women's Department within the context of the 16 days to end gender based violence. 10 Lawyers will be there to help regular folks untangle many of the sometimes simple legal difficulties that defeat them. Cynthia Williams of the Women's Department told us more:..

Cynthia Williams, Human Development Coordinator Women's Department
"It is an opportunity for the general public to get free legal advice , we have partnered with 10 attorneys who will be present throughout the day providing them and answering questions on child custody, maintenance, divorce, legal separation, even the idea of whether they will need a will and how to go and writing a will to prepare themself for the future."

"It's really a need that we have seen at the department many times we find people who come wanting to get legal services but who are unable to afford it. And so this legal clinic allows them to be able to get free consultation from these attorneys, like I said 10 are offering their time free of charge to answer questions in the issues that we mention before, anything that has to do with gender base violence and family issues, property also maintenance how to go applying for legal separation, and so it's really a service that we are offering to the general public."

Jules Vasquez
"And who will be the attorneys present?"

Cynthia Williams
"Ok, we will have Ms. Samira Musa Pott and Ms. Melissa Balderamos who are offering their service for the entire day and we have Ms. Deshawn Arzu Torres, Agnes Segura Gillett, Aldo Salazar, Aldo Reyes, Ashanti Marin, Roberta Magnus Usher, Denise Courtenay and Ms. Tanya Moody they all have agreed and will be participating in the legal clinic tomorrow."

The one day event will be held at the ITVET compound on Freetown Road from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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