Last night we told you that former commissioner of transport Gareth Murillo has been assigned as the new Registrar Of Cooperatives. And it seems new leadership is needed in that office after the US Peace Corp pulled out 6 of its volunteers from the Department on Friday. The US Embassy today confirmed that they have been withdrawn and The Peace Corps is in the process of terminating its memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture. The US embassy Political Officer told us via email that quote, "the Peace Corps often reassigns volunteers in an effort to find an optimal location where their services can best be utilized."

He adds that, quote, "in this instance, as I understand it, the Peace Corps ascertained that these volunteers could be more effective elsewhere."

That's diplomatic enough, but form what we have heard, the Agriculture staff in Orange Walk Staff likes to party hard, which was seen as a high security risk of security for the Peace Corps Volunteers.

We could not reach the chief agricultural officer Eugene Waight for comment - we were told he is on leave.

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