The George Price Boulevard was created approximately thirteen years ago as an access point in and out of the City of Belmopan after Hurricane Mitch had blocked the City's traditional entrances back in 1998. Since that time numerous establishments have been constructed along the Boulevard. The boulevard was created to serve as a main traffic flow artery both to and from the City of Belmopan but residents have been complaining about the condition of the road. The Belmopan City Council has the responsibility of maintaining that road, which they have been doing. However, that maintenance only goes as far as the Our Lady of Guadalupe High School; half of the way. We asked the Mayor if his council plans on maintaining the road beyond OLOG High school so that drivers would be able to utilize it again as a viable entrance to the City of Belmopan.

Simeon Lopez, Mayor, Belmopan

That will be part of our manifesto pledge to open the George Price Boulevard, all the way to the highway. It will not be possible between now and the next municipal election, because that is a long piece of road and it needs a lot of work. The George Price Boulevard comes out near the Art Box where there is a little pavement and right now it's not open. People use that road, but they come through a private road that the Korean Factory has there and then they join up with the George Price Boulevard, just before the high school coming in from Belize City. However, we consider it a major artery and we will have to open it up and hopefully in the next term.

Since it is now a part of the His new council's manifesto pledge, Lopez says, that promise would only be fulfilled if they are elected for a third term.

Jesse Mendoza, PlusTV Journalist
Is it going to be paved or is it going to be graded?

Simeon Lopez
Well, initially it will have to be just an all weather road, like we have going to the high school right now, because paving will cost us at least three million dollars for the George Price Boulevard, for the fact that some of it are double lanes, like from Nim Li Punit and then as you get near the high way there is another double lane road as well, so we will be paving two sides. However if we can pave, then definitely we will.

Lopez also commented on how soon those expected works would begin if they are elected into office.

Jesse Mendoza

If you are indeed elected, when can we expect those works to start?

Simeon Lopez
It's difficult for me to give a time, but it will start early, because we need to complete it during the next term. With the Belize Municipal Development Project going on, which is an infrastructure project, we will be able to use some more funds to do the George Price Boulevard. The Belize Municipal Development Project includes other main streets in Belmopan, like the Cemetery Road in Salvapan, the San Martin Road, the main road through Las Flores to Ramirez Streets and St. John's Road and Price Center Road and the Water Reservoir Area. Those fall under the Belize Municipal Development Project.