Plus news sat down with the City of Belmopan Mayor; Mayor Simeon Lopez this morning where we discussed at length issues within the Capital that have surfaced over the past few months. Today we will bring you part one of that story; The first issue we put to Mayor Lopez was that of the proposed New Famers Markets. The Council received a grant earlier this year of 2.2 million BZE dollars from the European Union through its Rural Development Project. The EU grant requires that the council builds the proposed market on land belonging to the council and that consultation be held with residents. The council held two consultations with residents of Belmopan but it was not well received by residents of the area. We ask the Mayor about the current status of that project.

Simeon Lopez, Mayor of Belmopan
That is still in progress; we met last week Thursday, with the Ministry of Economic Development and the consultant. The design has been completed and even the cost estimates have been completed. So we have submitted that to the European Union and so that is still in progress.

The last time we spoke with Mayor Lopez about the project, he and his councillors were embarking on a drive to meet door to door with residents of that area and persuade them to welcome the market in their neighborhood. We asked the Mayor how the campaign went .

Jesse Mendoza, PlusTV Journalist

How about the relationship with the residents back there and the council? Have you guys been able to persuade them that this is the best location for the business market?

Simeon Lopez
We have done our homework by visiting the houses in that area and the response has been very good. We have at least ninety-five percent of the residents in the Mountain View area and the BTL Housing Area who have supported the project.

The Mayor says that with the positive feedback they have received, they will be moving forward with that initiative. Bidding for the contract is expected to start in the near future.