And while Young C is recovering from a fire, his elder, traditionalist colleague Tony Wright is looking to set fire to Christmas Brams this holiday season with a remix album.

It's the first remix we've ever heard of for Brukdwon music.

Wright told us the album was spawned from a Brukdown CD he recorded last year that was given new life when his son remixed it.

Tony Wright, Artist
"Now we were not planning to release this again this year, we didn't really have that in mind, but then my son heard this song and he came to me and said 'mein what are you doing, you're not going to do nothing to this song a lot of people are asking about it', and said let's remix it. And so I said ok let's go ahead, and we remixed it and when I played the remix on the radio Jules, people just started to call they just wanted it. I got call from LA for me to send it, I got call from Minnesota, I sent 10 cd's and New York, we feel good about it because we feel that we put something towards the Christmas that people can really appreciate, because it's a Belizean thing."

"You can get it at Stone Jam and at Tambran or of course you could give me a call if you want it also. Yes, we just want to have something to give the people this year Jules, because as you know there is nothing new on the music scene. It's not original songs so to speak but the style, it's an original style of fashion that we did it in and the way people are responding to it, it makes us feel good about the whole thing."

If you want a copy of the CD you can call, 625-3697.

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