The seizure of a hundred and eleven bricks of cocaine which resulted in the incarceration of Mexican national Martin Rafael Urias is attributed to a team of law enforcement officers on training near the Belize/Guatemala Border last Thursday. Those officers were deployed to the Belize/Mexico Border where they continued training with the Drug Enforcement Agency on the proper execution of a vehicle search. A busload of uniformed and civilian police including those attached to the Anti-Drug Unit arrived at the Customs & Immigration checkpoint in Santa Elena this morning where they manned the point of entry. Traffic across both sides of the border was constant; however, it was not as busy as it usually is on weekends allowing officers to conduct a thorough sweep of all vehicles passing through. The presence of the DEA stirred some excitement following Thursdayís cocaine bust near the border. On Thursday Urias was spotted acting suspiciously upon approaching a checkpoint on the Western Highway. Urias, who reportedly trafficked through the country to Guatemala regularly, swung a sudden U-turn before reaching the barrier and was subsequently tailed by a police mobile to Corozal where his Nissan truck was initially searched for illicit cargo. The vehicle at first inspection turned up clean but further scrutiny at the Corozal Police Station yielded two hundred and eighty-four pounds of cocaine worth an estimated two million dollars on the local market. That significant quantity of drugs was destroyed at Loskotís Lumber Yard in Orange Walk Town on Wednesday morning.

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