We all know Pen Cayetano - he's the grand-daddy of Punta Rock and the Grandmaster of Garifuna Art.

But you may now know his wife Ingrid and daughter Mali. But they're making a name for themselves with a new children's book "We Are Free." It tells the story of the Garifuna's passage from Africa to St. Vincent in a vividly illustrated, warmly narrated story. It's a lovely and distinctive piece of work - we spoke to the author and got comments from the illustrator about it.

Mali Cayetano
"I am the illustrator of the book "We are Free" and illustrator means that I did the pictures. I paint the pictures and I also did the design of the book. But it wasn't just a one man or one woman project I had other help from my family especially from my mother Ingrid and my little brother Ebo, they wrote the story."

Ingrid Cayetano - Author, "We Are Free"
"The project is actually a diploma project for my daughter Mali, she is studying design in Germany and that was a final exam actually - doing the book and present it and have some merchandise; postcards, t-shirts and everything involve but she is only a painter and musician but she is not a writer and so she had ask me to assist her in writing, so that's the story. She started with just a few pictures like characters and she was thinking about doing something about Garifuna because her father the famous artist Pen Cayetano - she was always surrounded by his art and music, so she knew for sure there had to be something from that culture. It's not a fable; it's actually a story from the Garifuna about how they came from Africa to St. Vincent Island because they took a long journey. Some people say they came long before Columbus, they have two versions of it, the other say they came on slave ships and they were shipwrecked and landed on shore of St. Vincent and mix with the carib indians. But our theory is the one that they came long before. Their ancestors tell them to go somewhere to explore because nowadays people always want to explore the world. They want to see different places, so that's what we pick up in the story that they went to a different land."

Jules Vasquez
"Are you concern that some may criticized you because you wrote a book about Garifuna tradition and folklore and you are not a Garifuna? Your husband is and your children are."

Ingrid Cayetano - Author, "We Are Free"
"Well people say I came here and I turn to be one of them and so they accepted me as a Garifuna already although I don't speak the language that fluent but I know more than some of them now about the culture, the dance, I dance John Canoe, Punta and Chumba and I know how to play the drums as well, so I think I am respected and accepted amongst the Garifuna people."

Mali Cayetano
"As I said I am also a singer and I would like to share with you the song of the book. It's in German but I will translate it for you. Its entitled "We are Free" free as a fly.

"We are free flying in the sky, we are free."

"So I hope you enjoy the book, Take care and bye, bye."

The book is available at the Image Factory in Belize City and at Pen Cayetano's Gallery in Dangriga for 45 dollars.

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