Last night you heard about tony Wright's Brukdown Christmas - well today we met another artist who has another style of music for the holidays.

Ladyville resident, Shane Henry, who got his first introduction to music as a 9 year old choirboy in the Ladyville Evangelical Church is the lead vocalist in a gospel band called Suns of the Nation.

He says the band's first music video, dubbed "My kind of Christmas' is inspired from his own childhood Christmas experiences and it comes with an R & B twist.

Shane Henry, Artist
"I've been doing music since I was 9 years old I am currently 25, so you could do the math. My kind of Christmas is something that I started over a year ago, recorded at Ludwig Production Studios, Writing the song was a reflection of what my childhood Christmas use to be like."

"I believe people can be familiar with the video because of the words; the song speaks about waking up on Christmas morning, being with your family, playing games or going caroling. Some people go to church on Christmas morning so, where ever you are you can Identified along with lyrics."

"The locations per say, we did a scene at Mirab, we did some scenes at the roundabout and different locations per say over Belize and we all did some green screens."

"Sons of the Nation gospel band has been around little bit over two years, we use to name New generation gospel band but you know the name new generation use to cause a lot of conflict, hence we came up with the name sons of the nation, dub to us from one of our fans in Cayo."

Jim McFadzean
"Tell us about this interesting infusion of rock and R n B into this Christmas composition?"

Shane Henry, Artist
"First with n the R n B section, Belizean people have this communication with R n B music, you know you speak about R-Kelly everybody knows who is R- Kelly you could speak about more recently Bruno Mars, who has a mixture similar to what I am doing and so, doing R n B is pretty easy. Rock on the other hand has always been a love of mind. It's a culture growing small in Belize in the City per say if you go to Belmopan, Orange walk, San Pedro - the culture is accepted there, so I mix the two loves, Belizean Love of the R n B and of course my love of alternative and compose are really good music, videos song."

If you would like a copy of the DVD or inquire about Suns of the Nation gospel band, you can contact Shane Henry at at: 632-5887.

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