Wilfred Peters, one of Belize’s musical icons, passed away in June 2010 but he will forever be remembered as the king of Brukdong music. In his honor, the National Institute of Culture and History, is once again hosting the Mr. Peetaz Brukdong Bram, which takes the audience on a trip down memory lane to the days of the krismus bram. Musicians from across the country, including the Boom and Chime Band, will bring back the old fashion Christmas this Saturday at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom. NICH Communications Officer Shari Williams says it’s an event for the entire family.

Shari Williams, Communications Officer, NICH

“This year we decided to bring back our annual Mr. Peetaz Brukdong Bram. It’s just to bring back the Christmas Bram fever. This is the third year running and this year we’re planning to have it at the Black Orchid Resort. It’s a really nice long event. It begins at two p.m. and it goes right on up until three a.m. in the morning. It’s like an entire fair where we’re inviting the entire family to come out. The first fifty children to come out get a free gift. We’re having a rum yaad, we’re having a lot of activities for the entire family. You know, you could come out, listen to the Christmas music, the Kriol Bram music while at the same time having fun with the entire family. At eight p.m. we have an official dance to the drums, the accordion and all the rest of music that comes with the Kriol Brukdong Bram. We have artists coming from all over the country. From the north, we have Robert Usher and the Youth Connection Band; from the south we have Bredda David and the Tribal Vibes as well as the Queen herself, Ms. Lela Vernon; from the east we have Summerville, we have Dawgie and we have the Boom and Chime Band; from the west we have Sam Harris and the World Culture Band. So it’s a combination of all the old time Christmas Brukdong music. We’re inviting everybody to come out. For those who wish to attend in the surrounding area, a bus leaves the Burrell Boom Cut off every hour starting at two p.m. and a bus also leaves Hattieville every hour starting at two p.m.”

The hourly buses to and from Burrell Boom will be free of cost. Entrance fee during the day will be five dollars for adults while children enter free. For the Bram Session in the night, the cost will be ten dollars for adults and five dollars for children.

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