Christmas is only sixteen days away and as usual December is filled with numerous activities leading up to the 25th. The Belmopan City Council is inviting everyone to attend the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. The lighting of the tree will be held this Saturday at the Sir George Brown Field. Mayor Simeon Lopez tells us more.

Simeon Lopez, Mayor, Belmopan
The operations are ongoing right now at the field for the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Sir George Brown Field at the corner of Libertad by the Ring Road. The City Council and the area representative have teamed up this year to bring some of the activities to the people. The Christmas tree lighting will take place on Saturday at 6:00 at the Sir George Brown Field and we are inviting residents of Belmopan to come out. It will not be the tree that was there for the past two years, because Bowen and Bowen who was the sponsors of that one rotates that tree around the different municipalities and we were lucky to have that for two years. Other events will take place; I know that the area representative is having his children Christmas Party around the tree. There is the parade of lights that he sponsors as well, we worked together this year with that and that is supposed to take place on the 19th of December. There will also be other activities around the tree that schools and other church groups will be having.

While security is always an issue of concern, there is always a heighted vigilance during the Christmas Season. Mayor Lopez commented on security.

Simeon Lopez
As per usual, we have been working very closely with the Belmopan Police Formation and we meet with them every Monday. We were advised by them that the patrols have increased and they have started their Christmas security patrols and I can see that in Belmopan at night time. During the day, you can see at least two policemen at every corner; if they are not walking they are standing and observing and so we are pleased and comfortable that the Police Department here in Belmopan is cooperating and working closely with the City Council. And that is the only option that we have; we donít have a municipal police that is directly responsible for the City Council and so we have to depend on our national Police Department.

Again, the lighting of the Christmas tree will take place tomorrow evening at 6 o clock pm.