Step off the main tourist strip to experience one of the cheapest, best little delights that we’ve discovered here in San Pedro, Belize. Tiny little makeshift stands are set up on the street. Behind stands a woman that looks like a sweet grandmother and she only sells one thing: chicken tacos.

We LOVE Street Food

We love discovering food in the places we go, especially street food. Touristy restaurants are nice, but tend to be expensive and not representative of local food. If you want to savor the flavor of the country in which you’re traveling, make your way to that interesting looking food stall or street vendor. They may not look up to health code, but don’t be shy! You’ll be well rewarded. Street food is more rewarding than risky. For much less money than what you’d spend at a sit-down restaurant, you can feast or snack on fresh food cooked to order right in front of you, and served in no time at all (especially helpful when traveling with children). Street food also gives insight into local food and customs, much more so than restaurants. An added bonus is that you get to meet the people who are making your food, as well as the locals consuming it.

Tacos for Breakfast at Rosy's Deli   Ambergris Caye, Belize

Tacos for Breakfast at Rosy's Deli


Yummy, Little Chicken Tacos

Our favorite street food we have found here in Belize is chicken tacos – little corn tortillas filled with a tasty shredded chicken with your choice of cabbage or onion on top. So simple, yet so addicting. This week we haven’t made any breakfast at home because we’ve sent K out to get chicken tacos every morning. I joke you not, we have been eating chicken tacos for 10 days straight!

Luckily, we have a stand behind our home that opens at 7 am and serves the local crowd on their way to work. When G wakes up, he looks out his bedroom window to see if Rosy’s is open.

Rosy's Deli Stand

Rosy's Deli Ambergris Caye, Belize

Chicken Taco Tour

One day this week we took a Chicken Taco Tour of San Pedro. We walked along Angel Coral Drive which is about 3 streets in from the beach and is also the street with the most options of chicken taco ladies. We ping-ponged our way down the street stopping at every taco stand we found and ordered $1 BZE at each stand (3 tacos).

Heading out for our Chicken Taco Tour of San Pedro

Heading out for our Chicken Taco Tour on Ambergris Caye

Taco Stand on Angel Coral Drive  Ambergris Caye, Belize

Taco Stand on Angel Coral Drive Ambergris Caye, Belize

How to Order Chicken Tacos in Belize

Ordering tacos is easy. The going rate is 3 tacos for $1 bz. ($1 bz = $0.50 US). When placing your order, you just say the number of dollars that you want to spend. For breakfast, we usually get $4 ($2 US) worth of tacos (12 tacos). That may seem like a lot, but, trust me, they are small and addicting. I can eat at least $2-3 myself.

The best little snack

Tacos are the best little snack, or order enough of them and it's a meal

Our favorite Street Food

This little stand was our favorite, located at the intersection of Angel Coral Drive and Ambergris Street. She had the tastiest and most filled chicken tacos in San Pedro. So good, we ordered $2 worth of tacos.

Crockpot with Chicken, Cooler with Cabbage and Corn Tortillas

Our favorite Chicken Taco Stand in San Pedro

Our favorite Chicken Taco Stand in San Pedro

So, if you are in San Pedro looking for a really good and cheap snack or meal, go three streets in from the beach and pay a visit to the chicken taco ladies. But get there early, most chicken tacos ladies close up after lunch. You will not be disappointed.