NATURAL HERBS AND PLANTS have been used as remedies for thousands of years, especially by the Mayas, who mastered the use of the jungle’s resources to treat and cure both common and serious illnesses.

To this day many of Belize inhabitants – mostly modern day Mayas and Garifunas – practice “bush medicine,” creating natural remedies they consider even more effective than modern medicine.

For the past month I’ve gone around the country – from the highlands in the Maya Mountains to the lowlands in the Garifuna settlements – looking for natural remedies beyond those documented in the article of previous Road Warrior, Lily Girma.

Here are 11 more of the commonly used remedies found in Belizeans’ backyards.

Jackass Bitter

Twelve O'Clock

Mahogany Tree

Hot Stones

Baskety Tied

Cacao Tree

Lemon Grass

Kola Nut

Nopal Cactus

Angel's Trumpet Trees

Cohune Palms