Before you read this - I'm not asking for donations - its much easier than that.

As anyone who knows and loves Belize will know, we have a lot of wildlife here. We also have a great number of endangered species. Some very good friends of mine do an amazing job in conservation in Belize, doing their best with limited resources and facilities.

Heska is running a grant programme, where several worthy veterinary projects are competing for a $25,000 prize to assist with their project. Currently, Belize, our little country, is in the lead with their application to start the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic, which will be the first of its kind, providing veterinary care for sick and injured Belizean wildlife and assisting the various wildlife rehabilitation and conservation groups around the country with specialised veterinary care. This is something we really do need.

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If you're in any doubt as to why this project is important, please watch this quite amazing short documentary about a Solitary Eagle, made just this week, at Belize Bird Rescue, featuring Dr. Isabelle, who is the vet trying to set up the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic. If you've never seen a Solitary Eagle, it is quite worth checking out the video. Amazing bird! Solitary Eagle - Belize
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